類型 Ranged
弱點部位 None

Wardens are special units that appear in Rescue 2.0 missions, tasked with protecting Prison complexes where hostages are kept. They appear as Heavy Gunners for Grineer missions, and Sniper Crewmen for Corpus missions, and are more durable than normal units. They are however highly vulnerable to stealth attacks and takedowns.


Grineer Warden 常规 其他
出现地点 Grineer Shipyard 资料库扫描次数 5
武器 Gorgon
Stun Baton
其他掉落 None
详细信息 MOD掉落 Blunderbuss
Fusion Core
Magazine Warp
Slip Magazine
Shell Compression
Decisive Judgement
复制肉体 600
Slash b+ Heat b+ Viral b+++ Impact b Gas b‐‐
铁质装甲 500
Toxin b+ Puncture b++ Corrosive b+++ Slash b- Blast b-
基础伤害倍率 Stealth: 16.0x
Head: 2.0x

Corpus Warden 常规 其他
出现地点 Corpus Ship 资料库扫描次数 5
武器 Lanka
Stun Baton
其他掉落 None
详细信息 MOD掉落 Fusion Core
Point Strike
Charged Shell
Cleanse Grineer
Swirling Tiger
肉体 400
Slash b+ Toxin b++ Viral b++ Impact b- Gas b-
原型护盾 300
Impact b+Toxin b+Magnetic b+++Puncture b‐‐Heat b‐‐Corrosive b‐‐
基础伤害倍率 Stealth: 16.0x
Head: 2.0x


  • Wardens can only be found in the prison complex tile of a Rescue mission, usually appearing in quantities of 3 to 4 units, though they can sometimes spawn up to a maximum of 10 units.
  • When a player has been spotted, they will quickly activate the prison complex's Execution system, which sets off a timer counting down to the prisoner being killed.
  • Do not be afraid to stealth kill Wardens with melee as they are extremely vulnerable to it, possessing a bonus damage multiplier of 1600%.


  • Due to their durability, Wardens can be tough to face head-on, which may make rescuing the hostage difficult. However, they are highly vulnerable to Stealth Attacks, taking +1500% or effectively 16x more damage, therefore one can usually be killed in a single hit despite their durability. Use this to eliminate Wardens from a position of stealth.
  • Wardens have a stricter and predictable patrol route than most enemies, which can be used to avoid them or set up stealth kills.


  • Despite being based off Heavy Gunners, Grineer Wardens will sometimes be seen carrying Vulkars instead. Corpus Wardens will also sometimes carry a Supra instead of their normal Lanka sniper rifles.
  • Like many other enemies, Wardens can also spawn as Eximus units. Warden Eximus units feature Life Leech ability and improved movement speed.


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