The Vigor mod increases both Shield Capacity and Health of a Warframe by a % of their base values.


Rank Shield Capacity Health Cost Conclave
0 +20% +20% 6 C8
1 +40% +40% 7 C8
2 +60% +60% 8 C11
3 +80% +80% 9 C14
4 +100% +100% 10 C17
5 +120% +120% 11 C20


  • Formerly a reward from Operation Arid Fear by earning 50 points or more.
  • This mod is now available as a Nightmare Mode reward at the end of the mission.
  • One will receive this mod with the Twain Mod Pack when buying at least the 2100 Platinum package on PC and PS4.


  • When the mod was originally announced it had a Tactics (Naramon Pol) polarity. It is unknown if it was changed to a Defense (Vazarin Pol) polarity due to complaints or a bug.
  • Similarly to Vitality and Redirection the % increase is based on the base health and shields on the Warframe at rank 0.


  • This mod used to share its icon with Fortitude, another Nightmare Mode mod, until it was changed in Update 13.



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