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系统 Sol
统治者 Corpus
頭目 Jackal
等级區間 6 - 20
任務 15
資源 AlloyPlate64 Alloy Plate
PolymerBundle64 Polymer Bundle
Circuits64 Circuits
FieldronSample64 Fieldron Sample
有相關性 Mercury
The Corpus have focused their manufacturing facilities in this area.

–In-game description

Venus is the third planet players access. It is controlled by the Corpus faction.

The Venus Nav Segment can be obtained, along with the Mars Nav Segment, by defeating Captain Vor during the Vor's Prize Quest.

The vital target of the planet is the Jackal, who is located in the mission Fossa and where the Jupiter Nav Segment and the blueprints for the parts of the Rhino Warframe can be obtained.

The Vesper Relay player hub is located here.

Relay Status

  • PC - Destroyed
  • PS4 - Destroyed


Infested can appear during Invasion missions. The lists do not apply to Survival missions.





目標 名稱 類型 等級 地圖版塊
CorpusMissionIcon Aphrodite Capture 6 - 8 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Cytherean Exterminate 6 - 8 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon E Gate Excavation 6 - 11 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Ishtar Capture 6 - 8 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Kiliken Defense 8 - 13 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Linea Rescue 6 - 8 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Tessera Sabotage 8 - 10 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Unda Spy 8 - 10 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Venera Defense 8 - 13 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Vesper Spy 6 - 8 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon V Prime Rescue 6 - 8 Corpus Ship
InfestationMissionIcon Romula Dark Sector Defense 10 - 20 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Malva Dark Sector Excavation 10 - 20 Corpus Outpost



  • Venus itself is named after the Roman Goddess of love. The names of its missions are from a variety of sources (with some exceptions):
    • Various geological formations on the planet's surface (Tessera, Aphrodite, Ishtar),
    • Mythological figures and concepts associated with the goddess (Vesper, Cytherean).
    • Exploration Programs aimed at studying Venus itself (Venera).
    • A cat-like, carnivorous mammal from Madagascar or a shallow depression in the Hindu language (Fossa).
  • Although the surface temperature of Venus is incredibly high, the Corpus Outpost tileset is used in some missions. Whether or not this is just a placeholder is unknown.

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