• Ignis Buffs
    • Longer range
    • More damage
    • Bigger AOE effect.
  • Stamina System tweaks:
    • Reduced delay on stamina recharge.
    • Increased stamina recharge rate.
    • Decreased cost of stamina required for sprinting.
    • Dodging now uses stamina and has reduced damage while dodging
    • Dodges are executed slightly faster.


  • Fix for bug where "Buy Slots" would appear in gear menu after being sold.
  • Fix for resources not dropping from The Void or Derelict Regions (this includes Mutagen).
  • Fix for Orokin Glass not being reflective.
  • Fix for Metallic look of Mod frames/borders.
  • Fixed doors shutting down on players once they failed challenge in Orokin Derelicts.
  • Fixed gap in Orokin Derelict level.
  • Fixed clients not being able to see generator hallway effects.