Strun Wraith
武器类型 Primary
武器种类 Shotgun
射击模式 Semi-Auto
弹体飞行速度 Hit-Scan
射击速率 2.5 发/秒
弹片数量 10 弹片/发
精准度 6.7
弹夹容量 8 发/弹夹
弹药上限 120 发
上弹时间 1.5 秒
物理伤害 149.0
Impact w冲击 97.0
Puncture w穿刺 22.0
Slash w切割 30.0
暴击几率 15.0%
暴击倍率 2.0x
触发几率 40.0%
发布时间 Update 9.7.2
A different take on a familiar shotgun, the Strun Wraith features unique styling.

Strun Wraith是周末活动Survival Weekend Event的奖品

現在可在 戰術警報 庫狛的巢穴 重新取得 (此戰術警報完結時間為19/5/2015)




  • Strun比较:
    • 较紧密的子弹分布
    • 较大的弹匣
    • 较快的上弹速度
  • 射速为霰弹枪中排行第二 (和Sobek相同)
  • 霰弹枪中最高伤害
  • 高爆击率和良好的爆击伤害
  • 一个Bar极性槽
  • 本身附带Orokin Catalyst和一个武器格子


  • 傷害会随距离衰减(所有霰弹枪皆会, 但Strun Wraith的衰减距离比SobekHek短)
  • 和Vandal武器一样, 无法改变颜色
  • 不像SobekHek般可以stun远古
  • 取得方法只有参与Survival Weekend Event并成功生存20分钟以上


  • Earned as a reward from surviving for twenty minutes in the Survival Weekend Event.

Weapon Loadouts编辑

主条目: Category:Strun Wraith Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Strun Wraith combines well with critical rate and damage mods as the critical rate for each pellet is very high.
  • Vicious Spread works well on this shotgun.
  • A high status can result in an excellent crowd control weapon, depending on the elemental build. Radiation can result in a similiar but less effective version of Nyx's Chaos.


  • Lower damage per pellet than Hek and Sobek, but higher than Strun and Boar.
  • Accuracy appears to be close to, if not identical, to the Hek.
  • The listed damage is actually the total of all the pellets' damage value. The actual damage per pellet is 9.7 impact, 2.2 puncture, and 3 slash.


  • When the Strun Wraith was first released, it had a critical chance of 50%, making it the weapon with the highest critical chance (prior to the release of the Synapse). This was unintended and was changed in a hotfix a few hours after release.
  • This weapon was a reward for surviving at least 20 minutes during the Survival Weekend Event in a single round.
  • The Strun Wraith is the first Wraith Tenno weapon.
  • When equipped with all four elemental damage mods that provide status chance, one can reach a status chance of 100%.

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