派系 IconCorpusBCorpus
類型 Support
武器 Shield Projection
機器 35
Puncture b+  Electricity b++  Radiation b+  Slash b-  Toxin b-
護盾 50
Impact b++  Cold b++  Magnetic b+++  Puncture b-  Radiation b-
基礎經驗 50
基礎等級 1
弱點部位 All
資料庫掃描次數 20
掉落MOD Fusion Core
Trick Mag
True Steel
Fast Deflection

Shield Ospreys are small teal ospreys that project constantly regenerating shields over every nearby Corpus units in range including other Shield Ospreys. The shield cast over units is additive with their current shielding. Their presence will be apparent over groups of enemies outlined in blue, and can be located by electrical links that connect the Osprey to its targets.

Shield Ospreys are generally quite fragile and can be dispatched easily, and is the most common type of Osprey encountered.


  • 就像其他魚鷹,低等級的護盾魚鷹能夠被AmphisObex的跳躍攻擊輕易的摧毀掉.
  • Shield Ospreys from Nekros's Shadows Of The Dead will project shields around other clones, your team, Sentinels, and defense objectives/hostages, granting 200 shield when within 10 meters of an osprey; This amount cannot be increased by multiple osprey.
    • Shield on allies and objectives will instantly recharge when connecting to the Osprey and the bonus shield will be applied instantly, allowing Nekros to cast Shadows Of The Dead more easily without personal harm.
  • Allied regular Shield Ospreys give off a general shield increase of 200 and instant recharges upon entering their range, similar to those of Shadow Shield Ospreys.
  • Mind Controlled Shield Osprey by Nyx will allow them to do the same as above, although it can be easily targeted and destroyed on its own.


  • Enemies shielded by the Ospreys become sources of radial damage for Mag's Shield Polarize.
  • A Guardian Eximus Specter is one of the offerings from Cephalon Suda at 5 for 2,500 reputation. It offers the same shield effects with a bonus of emitted occasional pulses which instantly recharge shielding.


  • It would seem that the Shield Osprey can spill blood when shot at, despite of the fact that it is a machine. Observant players can even see either version of the Osprey, Corpus or Orokin, to shed blood over the walls.


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