Sentient (曾經)是Orokin 在遠古之戰面對的一個敵人、種族或者力量。 關於此種族的所知極少,在Warframe 的背景故事中留下模糊不清的一塊,但從他們的名字看來他們可能具有感覺或意識事物的能力。他們可能是真正的外星人種族。(不論是Orokin、Grineer Corpus 或 Tenno 看來都是人類或人類演變成的物種)



不論如何,他們具有能夠反制高科技的先進武器的能力,這點是確定的。由於Orokin是擁有卓越科技的文明,他們被強迫使用原始的武器來對抗Sentient,"低科技"的步槍,"微型飛船"以及刃類武器,最後被證實是些效率低落的武器。這也可能是導致為什麼Prime (也就是Orokin製)的武器通常都是射出拋射物或著是刀刃類,使用比之在虛空中出現的科技相對而言簡單的科技。

Desperate for a countermeasure in their losing war, the Orokin engineered the "Technocyte Virus", creating the first Infested (supposedly out of dead bodies or perhaps out of their own populace) as semi-technological bioweapons. However the plague backfired, affecting many of the Orokin's own ships and settlements before they could take refuge into the Void. The Infested proved impossible to control, ultimately making the situation worse for the Orokin.

It is not known for certain if the Infested were effective against the Sentients, but they were most likely not, since the Orokin resorted to their most desperate option: the Tenno. Originally people who came into direct contact with the environment of the Void and survived, becoming afflicted in an unspecified manner while also possessing powerful abilities (which not even the Orokin fully understood), they were trained and equipped with Warframes, specially designed armor suits created to contain and channel their power. Thus the Tenno, regarded as monsters, demons, ghosts or mere propaganda myths by many people of the Orokin Empire, were made into the perfect warriors to fight the Sentients, since they were not reliant on advanced technologies, but rather on their own Void-derived power.

The final fate of the Sentients is unknown, but the Tenno returned victorious to their Orokin masters and slaughtered them all.

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