Security Camera
Security camera
派系 IconCorpusBCorpus
類型 Support
武器 Laser Barrier
Corpus Turret
機器 10
Puncture b+  Electricity b++  Radiation b+  Slash b-  Toxin b-
護盾 10
Impact b++  Cold b++  Magnetic b+++  Puncture b-  Radiation b-
基礎經驗 50
基礎等級 1
資料庫掃描次數 20


As of Update 7.11, Cameras now have a visible cone of sight, making them easy to spot.

Security Cameras that have not detected the player count as unalerted enemies for credit towards the stealth challenge, even if all other enemies in the mission are on alert.

Cameras are the first enemies to have regenerative shields, excluding Guardian Eximi and Bosses.

Corpus camera cone blue

Camera while unalerted or friendly.

Corpus camera cone red

Camera after spotting a hostile.

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