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系统 Sol
统治者 Grineer
頭目 General Sargas Ruk
等级區間 11 - 19
任務 24
資源 NanoSpores64 Nano Spores
Plastids64 Plastids
OrokinCell64 Orokin Cell
DetoniteAmpule64 Detonite Ampule
有相關性 Mars
A Grineer stronghold with well-protected shipping lanes and training orbiters for their Elite troops.

–In-game description

Saturn is a planet where the Grineer are the controlling faction.

The Saturn Nav Segment can be obtained by defeating Sgt. Nef Anyo located on War, Mars.

The vital target of the planet is General Sargas Ruk, who is located in the mission Tethys and where the Phobos Nav Segment and blueprints for the parts of the Ember Warframe can be obtained. He also has a higher than average chance to drop Orokin Cell.

The Kronia Relay player hub is located here.

Relay Status

  • PC - Protected
  • Xbox One - Destroyed


Infested can appear during Invasion missions. The lists do not apply to Survival missions.

During Spy 2.0 missions, special enemy variants may have a chance to spawn.




目標 名稱 類型 等級 地圖版塊
GrineerMissionIcon Aegaeon 间谍 15 - 17 Grineer小行星|Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Anthe 救援 15 - 17 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Calypso 捕获 17 - 19 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Cassini 生存 15 - 17 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Dione 破坏 11 - 13 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Enceladus 捕获 11 - 13 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Epimetheus 欺骗 11 - 13 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Helene 防御 11 - 13 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Hyperion 歼灭 11 - 13 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Iapetus 拦截 13 - 15 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Janus 歼灭 13 - 15 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Keeler 生存 13 - 15 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Methone 欺骗 15 - 17 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Mimas 生存 13 - 15 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Numa 救援 15 - 17 Grineer船坞|Grineer船坞
GrineerMissionIcon Pallene 破坏 15 - 17 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Phoebe 捕获 13 - 15 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰
GrineerMissionIcon Rhea 破坏 13 - 15 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Telesto 歼灭 15 - 17 Grineer小行星
GrineerMissionIcon Titan 间谍 11 - 13 Grineer小行星
InfestationMissionIcon Piscinas 黑暗地带生存 17 - 19 Grineer小行星
InfestationMissionIcon Caracol 黑暗地带防御 17 - 19 Grineer巨舰|Grineer巨舰



  • Missions are named after Saturn's moons with a few exceptions:
    • Cassini: A spacecraft studying Saturn and its moons.
    • Numa: Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome who spread worship of the god Saturn.
    • Phoebe: One of the original Titans, seen as an oracle of intellect and prophecy. Also grandmother of both Apollo, Artemis, and Asteria.
    • Tethys is the name of a Titaness in Greek mythos.


  • It seems the Trooper's frontier counterpart appears on this planet in Survival missions instead of the standard one.

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