Sapping Osprey
派系 IconCorpusBCorpus
類型 Deployer
武器 Energy orb
機器 200
Puncture b+  Electricity b++  Radiation b+  Slash b-  Toxin b-
護盾 50
Impact b++  Cold b++  Magnetic b+++  Puncture b-  Radiation b-
資料庫掃描次數 10
掉落MOD Crowd Dispersion
Fusion Core
Magazine Warp
Diamond Skin
Gleaming Talon
Split Chamber
Energy orb pulses AoE damage after detonation

Sapping Ospreys are Corpus Ospreys that deploy an orb which generates an AoE damage field. The orb releases pulses of damage over several seconds, then floats approximately 2 meters into the air for a final detonation.


  • Sapping Ospreys have a tendency to attack directly, similar to the Mine Osprey, and launch energy orbs that form a blue, spherical field dealing average damage over time. Shield Ospreys will support them until they are destroyed. The devices are launched at a fairly low trajectory, similar to an underhand throw.
  • Given their size and blue colouration (see Trivia, below), Sapping Ospreys can easily be mistaken for Shield Ospreys at a glance, especially if Shield Ospreys are also around. An easy way to identify them is the fact that they will gain a blue shield outline when protected by a Shield Osprey.
  • A Sapping Osprey's damage field generators can be shot and destroyed prior to detonation.


  • Formerly known as Scorching Ospreys, renamed in Update 15.6.


  • The damage field generators launched by Sapping Ospreys seem prone to two issues, at the present time;
    1. They may not reliably damage client players.
    2. They may not cause any damage to players after the Osprey that launched the device has been destroyed.


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