Sancti Castanas
武器類型 Secondary
武器種類 Thrown
射擊模式 Semi-Auto
噪音级别 0.0m (Silent)
射擊速率 5.0 發/秒
精準度 100.0
彈夾容量 2 發/彈夾
彈藥上限 30 發
裝填子彈時間 1.0 秒
元素類型 Electricity b.png Electricity
元素傷害 115
爆擊率 10.0%
爆擊倍率 1.5x
觸發率 15.0%
發布時間 Update 15.5
This remotely detonated electrical trap is used by devotees of New Loka to protect their temples and shrines.

The Sancti Castanas are an exclusive version of the Castanas available only from New Loka. It has higher base damage, status and critical chance as well as innate Purity effect.


This weapon deals primarily Electricity b.png Electricity damage.


  • Very high base damage.
  • Ammo efficient.
  • 100% chance to proc Electricity b.png Electricity regardless of installed mods, have 15% base chance to additionally proc modded damage type.
    • Electricity b.png Electricity proc provides very high stun chance against most humanoid enemies.
    • Electricity b.png Electricity proc chains damage to enemies around it, making this weapon great against crowds.
  • Silent, even if the projectile hits the enemy.
  • User can detonate charges on command, giving the player precise timing in detonation.
  • Up to 6 charges can be ready for detonation at the same time.
  • Two Madurai Pol.png and one Vazarin Pol.png Polarities.
  • Has base damage type of Electricity b.png Electricity, allowing Castanas to easily be modified to Radiation b.png Radiation damage for Heavy Grineer units, Corrosive b.png Corrosive damage for Ancient Infested units and Magnetic b.png Magnetic damage for Corpus units.
  • Has an innate Purity effect. See the Weapon Augment Mods page for more details.


  • Deals Electricity b.png Electricity damage, which improves its utility against Robotic or Machinery-type foes but not others unless properly modded.
  • Explosions can damage the user.
  • Cannot destroy Arc Traps with explosion.
  • Low magazine size.
  • Low ammo capacity size of 30.
    • Draws ammo from the Sniper ammo pool, which has the lowest drop chance of all ammo drops.
  • Has slow travel time (25m/s), making it difficult to land an accurate shot at long distances.
  • Projectiles fly in an arc, making it difficult to use at long range.
  • Can only have six charges out at once.
    • ​ Extra projectiles generated by Multishot will count towards the limit of six charges.
  • Only able to zoom when no Castanas are out (zooming in will explode the Castanas).


  • Sancti Castanas, compared to the Castanas:
    • Higher base damage ( 115 vs. 100)
    • Higher crit chance (10.0% vs 5.0%)
    • Higher status chance (15.0% vs 10.0%)
    • Innate Purity effect.
    • Has an extra Vazarin Pol.png polarity.


  • The Sancti Castanas can be acquired by reaching the Rank of Flawless with New Loka, and spending 100,000 Standing to purchase. As with all Syndicate Weapons, the Sancti Castanas cannot be chosen as the free offering upon ranking up to Flawless rank.
  • Syndicate weapons can be also be acquired via Trading, but only for unranked copies without Forma and Orokin Catalyst installed.

Weapon Loadouts

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  • The Sancti Castanas has an innate Purity effect identical to that found in New Loka Weapon Augment Mods. Upon accumulating sufficient affinity, the Sancti Castanas will release an AoE radial blast that deals Corrosive b.png Corrosive damage and proc, restores 25% of the Warframe's maximum Health, and temporarily buffs maximum Health by 25% for 30 seconds.
  • These are the ONLY weapons in the entire game that innately come with 3 polarities installed (Two Madurai Pol.png and one Vazarin Pol.png), making modding extremely easy.
    • In this case, the Vazarin Pol.png polarity is very easy to use, as two Madurai Pol.png polarities means that it will deal a lot of raw AND elemental damage after modding, meaning that mods that use the polarity like Deep Freeze is very efficient.


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