狂暴化 转化流失的生命能量


等级 效果 点数消耗 战斗力
0 10% 6 C20
1 20% 7 C30
2 30% 8 C40
3 40% 9 C50


  • 在Update 11.1后,「狂暴化」/「随机应变」的组合不再像以往一样所向披靡。
  • 转化 流失的生命到能量。
    • 例如: 在3级时你会从流失的生命中得到40%能量增益,所以 -100 生命 = +40 能量。
    • 它并不会 吸收 任何伤害。
  • Update 10.2后,不会再对噩梦模式的生命流失以及生存任务的缺氧状态产生效果。
  • Does not convert health lost due to self-damage or laser traps faced in Orokin Void and Orokin Derelicts.
  • Does not convert health lost due to Vampire Nightmare Mode and health drained by oxygen running out in Survival missions.
  • Will convert any blocked damage even if the player receives no actual damage, as long as the player has no shields.


  • Very effective when equipped on Warframes with high Health values, such as Ash or Saryn.
    • It works especially well with Valkyr: she has a low shield value which allows her to take more damage on health, and she can use Hysteria to quickly recover lost health.
  • Will add Energy even from damage-over-time status effects (Slash b Slash and Toxin b Toxin, which damage health directly, and Heat b Heat if shields are depleted and it is damaging health directly).
  • Can be used by the Trinity and Oberon Warframes for infinite healing on demand with the right set up.
  • Synergizes well with Life Strike by recovering energy for Channeling upon taking health damage, which can then be recovered by a Channeled melee hit.
  • If the player has Quick Thinking equipped, the gain in energy will then be converted to emergency health by using up their energy pool if the player's health gets depleted to 2.
  • Using a Decaying Dragon Key will reduce the time needed before Rage can take effect.
  • 非常适用于高生命高护甲的warframe如AshSarynValkyr
  • 能有效对抗Infested,因为远古剧毒者Noxious Crawler会越过护盾直接对生命做成伤害。
  • 能利用具自杀伤害的武器(如OgrisPenta),刻意地补充能量。
    • 另外,TrinityOberon在有效的配置下,可达至无限治疗。


  • Rage does not provide energy if attacked by Arc Traps
  • While Rage is occasionally dropped by Tenno Specter in Dark Sector conflicts, the mod will not be added to the player's inventory if acquired in this fashion. This is a holdover from when Dark Sector conflicts were a PVE only game mode.


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