• Excalibur performing Parting Edge.
  • Excalibur performing Striking Gale.

尖锐之风 is a Stance mod for daggers that specializes in sweeping attacks and rising kicks.

Can be used on:

*Denotes weapon with matching Stance mod polarity.


Move Button Combination
Parting Edge EE400%2XE150%2XE200%
Striking Gale EE400%2XE150%2X Hold E150%2XE200%
Splitting Brush While Sliding + E
Scorpion Fall In Air + E
Fanning Sting While Wall-Running + E
Relentless Point Aiming at Downed Enemy + E2X
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam       = Proc
  • PS4 Players E = R1
  • Xbox Players E = RB


  • The third and fourth attack of Striking Gale involves a rising slash which has a high chance of landing a headshot against humanoid enemies for greater damage. The height of the jump makes it more likely to miss low-lying enemies like Crawlers, however.
  • Equipping this Stance increases the weapon's Stamina cost per swing by 25%.


  • Parting Edge replaces the final lunging stab at the end of a normal dagger attack combo with a sweeping slash that can hit multiple adjacent enemies.
    • Those who prefer the lunging stab can either remove Pointed Wind and go stance-less, or use Homing Fang instead.


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