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系统 Sol
统治者 Corpus
頭目 Ambulas
等级區間 31-45
任務 16
資源 Rubedo64 Rubedo
Morphics64 Morphics
Plastids64 Plastids
AlloyPlate64 Alloy Plate
FieldronSample64 Fieldron Sample
有相關性 Ceres
The shattered Outer Terminus of the Solar Rail Network is located here. The Corpus work to rebuild it.

–In-game description

Pluto is a planet where the Corpus are the controlling faction.

The Pluto Nav Segment can be obtained, along with the Ceres Nav Segment, by defeating the Hyena Pack located on Psamathe, Neptune.

The vital target of this dwarf planet is the Ambulas, who is located in the mission Hades and where the blueprints for the parts of the Excalibur Warframe can be obtained. He also has a higher than average chance to drop Morphics.

The Orcus Relay player hub is located here.

Relay Status

  • PC - Protected


Infested can appear during Invasion missions. The lists do not apply to Survival missions.

During Spy 2.0 missions, special enemy variants may have a chance to spawn.





目標 名稱 類型 等級 地圖版塊
CorpusMissionIcon Acheron Exterminate 31 - 33 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Cerberus Interception 33 - 35 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Charon Sabotage 31 - 33 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Cypress Sabotage 33 - 35 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Hydra Capture 31 - 33 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Minthe Mobile Defense 31 - 33 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Narcissus Defense 31 - 36 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Nix Deception 33 - 35 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Oceanum Spy 33 - 35 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Outer Terminus Defense 31 - 36 Corpus Outpost
CorpusMissionIcon Palus Survival 33 - 38 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon Regna Rescue 31 - 33 Corpus Ship
InfestationMissionIcon Hieracon Dark Sector Survival 35 - 45 Corpus Ship
InfestationMissionIcon Sechura Dark Sector Defense 35 - 45 Corpus Outpost


  • Pluto is named after the Roman God of the Underworld, thus its missions are named after people and places in the underworld of Greek and Roman Mythology, with the exception of Outer Terminus.
  • Ambulas, the final boss of the game, ironically drops the components for Excalibur, one of the 3 starting Warframes.
    • A possible reason for Excalibur components to drop from it is because he is the first Warframe, as mentioned in the Codex.
  • Pluto holds the highest starting levels of Corpus in the game.
  • Before Update 14, Outer Terminus was the last node of Pluto. Terminus is Mercury's first playable node.

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