Orokin是一个曾经长时间统治过整个太阳系的古老种族。 可以知晓的是,在Orokin主宰一切的那个年代,他们的科技杰作远超现世。 他们的后裔正是Tenno, 平衡宇宙,支配世间之人.Tenno的族人后来被Orokin送入虚空. 尽管我们对于Orokin的氏族,科技,以及他们消失的原因等信息几乎无法考证, 但是在WarFrame的宇宙中,他们仍扮演一个关键角色.

Orokin 虚空编辑

主条目: Orokin Void
虚空,正是藏匿着Orokin之塔的神秘之地。 这些Orokin之塔里装备着许多自动守卫炮塔, 包括致命的激光陷阱和神经控制哨兵来 "堕化" 入侵者, 迫使他们保卫Orokin之塔. Orokin之塔存在于我们这个宇宙之外的另一个位面当中,我们需要使用虚空钥匙来调和空间,并进入塔中


主条目: Corrupted
堕落者,是指Orokin在虚空位面发现并随后予以精神控制的敌人。堕落者包括各种常见的Grineer, CorpusInfested 步兵, 这些敌人已经被植入了一种我们目前未知的神经控制设备,这直接导致了Orokin的神经控制哨兵能够控制他们的行动 。这些敌人的外观和行为习惯同虚空之外的正常同种敌人相类似. 值得欣慰的是,堕落者是各位Tenno进入Orokin之塔执行任务时所需面对唯一的一种敌人


主条目: Infested

在上古时期, Sentients 同 Orokin 爆发了一场大战。 在这场战争中,Orokin利用Technocyte病毒对 Sentients 发动了袭击。最明显的结果就是这导致了巨人 Lephantis 的出现。 现在,对于Orokin对于他们的目标是否实现我们已经不得而知, 但是就目前的各种迹象表明,Orokin对于有机生命体技术和其他一些科技方面的掌握程度已经非同凡响。


主条目: Orokin Language

The Orokin Language is largely based upon English but with a coarser, often more phonetic spelling. The characters are diagonally slanted and are usually written left to right on when on flat surfaces. Vowels take the form of polarity symbols written above the regular characters. The direction of writing frequently varies when it is found on both the left and right of an object, presumably because it was copied and flipped from one side to the other.

Although there are no live excerpts of the Orokin Language to demonstrate how it is spoken, the Lotus, Ordis, Tenno and the Red Veil presumably understand and can speak Orokin as their local language.


  • The Corpus, according to the Lore, are hellbent on gathering Orokin technology and relevant findings in order to harness their power and sell them on the market. Their goals were the primary cause of certain events, namely The Gradivus Dilemma and Operation Oxium Espionage.
  • So far, the only boss shown to explicitly harness Orokin technology is Captain Vor.
  • The Corpus Fusion MOA and Oxium Osprey are the direct result of the Corpus utilizing advanced Orokin technology, as a rare (due to cost and rarity of Orokin materials) upgrade to normal MOA and Ospreys respectively.
  • The word "Orokin" may be a portmanteau of the Spanish word "Oro", and the Japanese word "Kin" (金), both words meaning "Gold" which fits the Orokin's aesthetic, who predominantly use gold in their architecture and design. An alternative to "kin" is the English word referring to family or close relations, indicating a "golden family".
  • In Solar Rail Conflict non-corrupt Orokin MOAs and Tenno Specter can be found.

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