噪音等级,单位为米,决定于一个敌人被任何指定的武器或能力所警觉的距离。噪音等级可以被噪音源和目标之间的任何障碍物所减小。武器噪音时偷袭的关键构成而且必须在偷袭任务中考虑。噪音等级独立于玩家所听到的;一把武器可以在游戏中发出大声响(比如在Update 16.0之前的Ogris)但是敌人会完全沉默地觉察到。



Enemies who hear noise are alerted to the player's presence and will react in one of three ways. An enemy may choose to:

  • Locate the nearest cover and hide, waiting to ambush players if they get into range;
  • Run to the source of the noise and then search the area; or
  • Run to activate a Control Console to sound the alarm in the area.

Enemies who are not killed in one shot or in a very quick moment after being hit the first time will become alerted. Thus silencing weapons not powerful enough to do so are not capable of consistently dealing stealth kills, and are more useful to the player as a tool to prevent enemies from detecting players currently under stealth.

Reducing Noise编辑

Noise level can be decreased with Hush for rifles, Suppress for pistols and Silent Battery for Shotguns. Banshee's Supressor Passive innately silences any weapon she has equipped, and her Silence ability causes all affected enemies to be deafened in an area of effect, preventing enemies from hearing any source of noise even from Banshee's allies. Loki's Syndicate augment Hushed Invisibility acts as a 100% noise reduction for all weapons while using invisibility.

Codex and Arsenal编辑

Codex entries and weapon statistics only have 2 listed noise levels; Alarming and Silent. Placing a 25%, 50%, or 75% reduction from Hush or Suppress will not display actual changes in this notation. Many weapons are also listed incorrect or misleading by the codex, such as the Latron Wraith being listed as Alarming, but acting nearly silent.

Note: Ivara's Prowl follows the arsenal listing for a weapon's noise level, regardless of the above statement.

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