Nightmare Mode UI

An example of a mission node in Nightmare Mode.

Nightmare Mode is a set of random challenges added in Update 9 that increase a mission's difficulty. Mission nodes under the effects of Nightmare Mode have a white skull above the node's name. The game randomly selects missions for Nightmare Mode from any planet (except Mercury), provided you have completed all the missions on the given planet. As a reward for accepting the challenge, completing the mission will result in a special prize of a Rare Nightmare mod with dual effects.


To unlock Nightmare mode, one must complete all of the missions on the planet (except for Mercury, which was removed from the Nightmare Mode pool in Update 9.2). You also cannot start a Nightmare mode mission if your Mastery Rank is 0.

From Update 11 onwards you may choose whether to run the mission in Nightmare Mode or not. If some of the players in given cell do not have Nightmare Mode unlocked, only those with it unlocked should select Nightmare Mode or else the mission will start normally.

The rewards for this mode are randomized, so a player can complete the same mission repeatedly for a different reward.


All Nightmare Mode enemies are significantly increased in level and damage output, and in some cases are replaced with more dangerous versions. For example, instead of spawning Grineer Lancers, the map may spawn more Elite Lancers in their place. In Nightmare mode, lockers won't drop ammo but enemies still will. Environmental Hazards can also appear as usual.

Up to two of the following challenges may occur per mission, and each modifier has an equal chance of being selected:

Mission Modifier Effect Notes
No Shields All player shields are reduced to zero.
  • Overshields cannot be created while this challenge is active.
Timer The mission has a 5-minute timer that will fail the mission if it runs down. Killing enemies will add 5 seconds to the timer.
  • Enemies dying from sources other than players (such as environmental hazards) will not contribute to the timer.
  • Killing Desert Skates or Feral Kubrow will not contribute to the timer.
  • This modifier is ignored if the mission type is DefenseMobile Defense or Survival. No other modifier will take its place.
Health Vampire Players will lose 1.5% of their maximum health every second, Killing enemies will recover 12.5% of their maximum health for the entire cell.
Energy Drain Players will steadily lose energy at approximately 5 points per second.
Lethal Explosive Barrels Explosive Barrels will now deal high, if not fatal damage.
  • Requires further testing if this is still active.
Longer Reload Reload times are increased by ~50%
  • Requires further testing if this is still active.

In addition to the challenges above there is also a 50% chance of low gravity taking effect, which will affect everything including player maneuvers in the air, enemies and loot. A similar effect can be found in Hive Sabotage missions when destroying a Stabilizing Infested Hive.

Mission Rewards编辑

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Possible rewards on completion include:

Dual stat Mods
Mod Type Drop Rate
Ice Storm Pistol 9.484%
Stunning Speed Pistol 9.484%
Lethal Torrent Pistol 9.484%
Hammer Shot Rifle 1.005%
Wildfire Rifle 9.484%
Shred Rifle 9.484%
Accelerated Blast Shotgun 9.484%
Blaze Shotgun 1.005%
Constitution Warframe 7.373%
Fortitude Warframe 7.373%
Vigor Warframe 9.484%
Focus Energy Melee 9.484%
Rending Strike Melee 7.373%



  • At the time of Nightmare Mode's introduction there was a No Minimap modifier that also removed the objective indicator. This was removed in Update 9.4 following player complaints
  • Update 9.4 added the No Shields modifier to the Energy Drain modifier, as well as reducing the chance of getting the combined modifier. Update 11.5.4 simply split the modifiers altogether.


  • Host Migration will sometimes revert the mission to a normal state, removing all modifiers and resetting enemy levels to the mission's original range. Nightmare mods will still be rewarded however.
  • The Health Vampire and Timer modifiers will take effect as soon as the mission begins, i.e. as soon as the beginning cutscene starts.


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