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系统 Sol
统治者 Corpus
頭目 Sgt. Nef Anyo
等级區間 6 - 20
任務 20
資源 Gallium64.png Gallium
Morphics64.png Morphics
Salvage64.png Salvage
FieldronSample64.png Fieldron Sample
有相關性 Venus
Corpus salvage ships pick through the fragments of Orokin derelicts here.

– In-game description

Mars is a planet where the Corpus and the Grineer are both controlling factions.

The Mars Nav Segment can be obtained, along with the Venus Nav Segment, by defeating Captain Vor during the Vor's Prize quest.

The vital target of the planet is Sergeant Nef Anyo, who is located in the mission War and where the blueprints for the parts of the Mag Warframe can be obtained. He also has a higher than average chance to drop Gallium and Morphics.

Mars does not currently have a Tenno Relay player hub.


Infested can appear during Invasion missions. The lists do not apply to Survival missions.

During Spy 2.0 missions, special enemy variants may have a chance to spawn.





目標 名稱 類型 等級 地圖版塊
CorpusMissionIcon.png Alator Capture 8 - 10 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon.png Ara Survival 8 - 13 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon.png Arcadia Survival 6 - 11 Corpus Ship
GrineerMissionIcon.png Ares Capture 6 - 8 Grineer Settlement
GrineerMissionIcon.png Arval Exterminate 8 - 10 Grineer Asteroid
CorpusMissionIcon.png Augustus Interception 8 - 10 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon.png Gradivus Sabotage 10 - 12 Corpus Ship
GrineerMissionIcon.png Hellas Mobile Defense 6 - 8 Grineer Settlement
CorpusMissionIcon.png Martialis Spy 10 - 12 Corpus Ship
GrineerMissionIcon.png Olympus Defense 6 - 11 Grineer Settlement
CorpusMissionIcon.png Quirinus Capture 10 - 12 Corpus Ship
GrineerMissionIcon.png Silvanus Exterminate 8 - 10 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon.png Spear Rescue 9 - 10 Grineer Settlement
GrineerMissionIcon.png Tharsis Sabotage 6 - 8 Grineer Settlement
CorpusMissionIcon.png Ultor Exterminate 8 - 10 Corpus Ship
CorpusMissionIcon.png Vallis Rescue 6 - 8 Corpus Ship
InfestationMissionIcon.png Wahiba Dark Sector Survival 10 - 20 Corpus Ship
InfestationMissionIcon.png Kadesh Dark Sector Defense 10 - 20 Infested Ship




  • Mars is named after the Roman God of war; both the god and planet are associated with war and death.
    • Most of Mars' mission names are all named after geographical locations on Mars.
      • Ultor is an exception; it is instead named after one of Mars' epithets, Mars Ultor ("Mars the Avenger" in Latin).
      • Kadesh is also an exception, named after a battle between Egypt's Ramses II and the Hittite empire.
  • The fact that both the Corpus and the Grineer are present on Mars is a nod to The Gradivus Dilemma, which ended with the Grineer taking over several nodes originally controlled by the Corpus. This makes Mars the only planet where all three major enemy factions are present.
    • Mars used to be a purely Corpus-controlled planet from Update 14 to Update 15.13, where several nodes were given to the Grineer.


  • The Tharsis node is listed as being a Corpus Sabotage node, despite it being a Grineer Sabotage node.
    • This bug is also true for Syndicate Alerts of the same type.