Mara Detron
武器類型 副武器
武器種類 霰弹枪
射擊模式 半自动
子彈飛行速度 150.0m/s
噪音级别 ~30.0m
射擊速率 4.2 發/秒
彈片數量 7 彈片/發
精準度 7.1
彈夾容量 8 發/彈夾
裝填子彈時間 1.0 秒
元素類型 Radiation b Radiation
元素傷害 105.0
爆擊率 2.5%
爆擊倍率 1.5x
觸發率 10.0%
發布時間 Update 15.6
For Orokin-era smugglers, this fearsome handheld shotgun was a favored tool for 'dispute resolution'.

Mara DetronDetron 的一个限时版,改变了数据并有一个独特的动画皮肤。


这件武器附带了基础 Radiation b Radiation 伤害。


  • 高伤害。
  • 子弹射速快。
  • 上弹时间短
  • 弹药效率高。
  • 伤害没有距离衰减。


  • 子弹有飞行时间。
  • 弹夹容量小。
  • 单独的Radiation b Radiation 伤害会限制其效用 (减少了对 护盾 的伤害,大幅度降低了对 InfestedFossilized 的伤害)。
  • 低暴击几率。.


  • Detron 相比:
    • 增加了弹夹容量 (8 发 vs 5)。
    • 提高了射速 (4.2 vs 3.3)。



  • Mara Detron's 增加了攻速,这意味着像满级的 致命洪流 能使它在鼠标点击下)攻击地更快。将副开火键绑定到鼠标滚可以缓解这个问题。。


  • Mara Detron can be visually identified from the standard Detron by the diffuse cloud textured animation on its body.
    • This animated texture also prevents the Mara Detron from being fully painted dark grey or black, instead making it come out as a rusty red colour. Blues may also come out as somewhat purple.
    • As with the Syndicate reward weapons, when the Mara Detron is stolen by a Drahk Master it will appear as a regular Detron on the ground and will revert back to its Mara variant when picked up.
  • The Mara Detron has a distinct sound when fired, closer to traditional shotguns than the energy-based weapons regularly used by the Corpus.
  • Despite being from the Orokin Era, it does not appear to be manufactured by the Orokin. As a smuggler's weapon, it may be implied this weapon was designed outside of their authority. It might similarly be speculated this could be a clue to the very early origins of the Corpus.
  • Mara means Bitter in hebrew.
  • Unlike the standard Detron, the Mara does not eject its power cell/magazine when reloading. This may be a bug.
  • The flowing effect on the weapon is similar to the flowing effect on Steam's Phased Skins promotional items.
  • The Mara Detron was leaked as an entry in a player's Profile under Equipment, along with the Imperator Vandal, before it was revealed to be sold by the Void Trader Baro Ki'Teer.
  • The Mara Detron cannot be equipped with the Shock Camo Skin.


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