The 致命火力 mod increases both the Poison Damage and Status Chance of a rifle by 15% per rank for a maximum of 60% at rank 3.


Rank Poison Damage Status Chance Cost Conclave
0 +15% +15% 4 C30
1 +30% +30% 5 C30
2 +45% +45% 6 C40
3 +60% +60% 7 C50



  • This mod poses greater efficiency in comparison with the Infected Clip, as its first level starts at using 4 mod points while providing Status Effect bonus at the same time.
  • This mod provides greater effects than Rifle Aptitude provides, despite of the fact that both have the same mod power requirements, with the exception of polarity.
  • This mod can be combined with High Voltage, Thermite Rounds and Rime Rounds to achieve a combined status chance bonus of 240%. With Rifle Aptitude and Hammer Shot, this bonus can be increased to 295%, nearly quadrupling the weapon's status chance.

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