派系 IconCorpusBCorpus
類型 Ranged
武器 電將步槍
機器 60
Puncture b+  Electricity b++  Radiation b+  Slash b-  Toxin b-
護盾 150
Impact b++  Cold b++  Magnetic b+++  Puncture b-  Radiation b-
基礎倍率 Torso: 2.0x
Fanny Pack: 3.0x
Gun: 0.5x
基礎經驗 50
基礎等級 1
弱點部位 All
資料庫掃描次數 20
掉落MOD 弹鼓
Smite Grineer
Melee Channel


當他們對有警覺時,他們會發出刺耳的聲音,然後他們會形成一個較小的團體並蜂擁而上,只要目標在射程範圍內,他們就會開始攻擊,基本上算是兩足自走砲塔。恐鳥不會因元素傷害導致硬直,不過還是會被緩速和擊倒,恐鳥很少,甚至不會躲在掩體後方,他們依賴自帶且相當薄的護盾來保護自己。 低等級的基本型恐鳥不構成威脅,高等級的孔鳥則會在短時間內給予相當嚴重的傷害,因為高等級恐鳥的電漿槍射速快,火力更強,準確性又更高,更重要的是,盡量別讓他們靠近防禦目標,因為就算只有一隻也能對目標造成毀滅性損害。




  • 恐鳥和他所有的變異版本,是遊戲裡戰鬥狀態下速度最快的一般陸上型單位。
  • MOAs engage targets by flanking them and gunning them down with rapid laser fire. It is advised to keep moving while engaging them to avoid getting flanked and swarmed.
  • They are commonly the frontline units of a Corpus group, backed with Crewmen.
  • Unlike their Crewmen masters, the MOAs fire constantly, making quick work of shields.
  • MOAs need to stand still before they fire, meaning they are safest to take down while they are still moving.
  • Their erratic screeches can signal whether they are alarmed.
  • They are the first enemy the player will encounter that cannot be Stealth attacked.
  • Its torso is located at the middle section of the MOA's body. Shooting the MOA's turret will deal 50% less damage.
  • They can spawn indefinitely in some cases from Spawners.
  • MOAs can fire their guns indefinitely, so move out of their range or line of sight and stay mobile to decrease their opportunities for opening and sustaining fire.


  • The Moa is an extinct species of wingless bird that was endemic to New Zealand.
  • MOA is believed to be an acronym, but due to the nature of the in-game UI, it is hard to distuinguish if it is fully capitalized or not.
    • However, in the menu for The Perrin Sequence's ranks, the negative ranks have the description "Hunted by Eximus Moa Squad/Platoon"
    • MOA has been suggested to mean terms such as Mobile Offensive Armature, Moving Ordinance Applicator, Militarized Orokin Assault, Massive Organism Annihilator or Military Ostrich Android. (Refer to this page's comments section.)
  • The standard MOA is the smallest of its kind, dwarfed by the other variants that players will encounter.
  • The shape of the MOA from the waist down is very similar to the design of the Stalker in Dark Sector.
  • MOAs can be summoned as temporary followers to aid the Tenno, if one hacks a MOA Cabinet Spawner.
  • Earlier designs of the MOA had more organic-looking legs, as opposed to the obviously robotic design currently in use.
  • There is a unique variant of the MOA found sole to Eris Tile set, It is named "Corpus Walker" bearing the same model as the regular MOA with the exception of it shares the Shockwave MOAs shockwave, has a unique description of "Heavily Armoured" and will never exceed level 1.
    • Ironically, despite their description of "Heavily armoured", they seem to possess identical armour ratings as a regular MOA.
    • They may also be scanned, however it will yield no scan entry into the Codex.


  • If an ability augment is used on an allied MOA (Such as Ember's Fireball Frenzy), the additional particle effect will be in the middle of the MOA in line with its feet, as the MOA does not possess a separate weapon for the effect to become attached to.
  • If a Loki casts Radial Disarm against a MOA, The Stun Baton will be on its weapon.
    • Despite this, the MOA uses weak kicks to continue attacking enemies.


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