武器类型 Melee
武器种类 Staff
Impact w冲击 40.5
Puncture w穿刺 4.5
暴击几率 12.5%
暴击倍率 2.0x
连击积累速率 1.0 击/秒
触发几率 20.0%
耐力 7.5
战力 10
附加蹒跚状态 Yes
近战招式极性 Unairu Pol
发布时间 Update 14
The MK1-Bo is the standard issue staff weapon for all Tenno.

The MK1-Bo is one of three starting Melee weapons available to new Tenno, which can be picked up during the Vor's Prize tutorial prologue. Its long reach make it ideal for new players who want to keep enemies at arm's length.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64 5,000.


This weapon deals primarily Impact b Impact damage.


  • One Vazarin Pol polarity slot.
  • Long range for a melee weapon.
  • Can hit multiple targets at once.
  • Majority of the damage is Impact b Impact, effective against Shields.
  • Stance mod has Unairu Pol polarity, matches Flailing Branch stance.
  • Has a high base status chance of 20%.


  • Slower than the average weapon.
  • Jump attack has small radius and only stuns the target.
  • Deals only a small amount of Puncture b Puncture and no Slash b Slash, making it less effective against Infested.


  • This weapon can be bought in the Market for Credits6415,000.

Weapon Loadouts编辑

主条目: Category:Bo Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • The MK1-Bo is a weaker version of the standard Bo that deals less overall damage.
  • Only the host is capable of ragdolling enemies with the Bo. This most likely is a bug.
  • There is a bug that will toggle the channeling effect permanently on your weapon, when executing slash dash without holding it for pure melee. Sometimes the staff will just continue to shine brightly (while on your back) as if you were channeling it. Attacking with melee removes the effect.
  • Its generous status chance makes it useful for slowing down enemies with North Wind.


  • The MK1-Bo was introduced as one of three starting Melee weapon options for new players, alongside the Skana and the Furax.
  • (棒:ぼう) is the Japanese word for stick/rod/staff. Used for various forms and styles of martial arts around the world the staff is a highly versatile weapon. Its composition is usually made of hard wood though its weight could vary from light to heavy, flexible to rigid, and from simple shaft to decorated ornaments. A bō staff is typically 6 feet long with other staves of various lengths possessing different names.
  • Despite the blue energy depicted in the Bo's portrait the default energy color of the Bo is red.


See Also编辑

  • Bo, the standard version of this weapon.
  • Bo Prime, the prime version of this weapon.
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