Lato Prime
武器類型 Secondary
武器種類 Pistol
射擊模式 Semi-Auto
子彈飛行速度 Hit-scan
射擊速率 6.7 發/秒
精準度 18.2
彈夾容量 15 發/彈夾
彈藥上限 210 發
裝填子彈時間 1.2 秒
Impact w.png衝擊 2.0
Puncture w.png穿刺 4.0
Slash w.png切割 15.0
爆擊率 5.0%
爆擊倍率 2.0x
觸發率 5.0%
戰力 20
發布時間 Vanilla
The Lato is a highly accurate pistol used by the Tenno everywhere. Prime model offers slightly increased damage.

The Lato Prime features a higher base damage, higher proc and critical chance than the Lato, and is a Founders-exclusive weapon.

This weapon can be sold for Credits64.png2,500.


This weapon deals primarily Slash b.png Slash damage.


  • Decent fire rate (faster than Lato Vandal).
  • Has Madurai Pol.png and Naramon Pol.png polarity slots.
  • Low Recoil, making it easy to keep aiming at weak spots.
  • Quite accurate.
  • Fast reload time.


  • Low Impact b.png Impact and Puncture b.png Puncture damage makes it less effective against shields and armor. 
  • Low critical and status chance.


  • Lato Prime was only available to owners of the Grand Master Founders package.

Weapon Loadouts

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See the user build section for builds using this weapon.



The Lato Prime with non-Prime colors as a log-in rewards icon.

  • This weapon has its own unique audio when fired.
  • As of Update 10.2 all parts of this weapon can be customized.
  • At rare times, a Lato Prime with the normal Lato default colors and without gold trim can be seen as the image for the Secondary Weapons Item XP prize on the daily Login Rewards, replacing the usual image for the reward.


See Also

  • Lato, the original version.
  • Lato Vandal, an exclusive Lotus upgrade version of the Lato.
  • Prime, the Orokin technology used to enhance Warframes or weapons.