Corpus Laser Barrier

An activated laser barrier.

Laser Barriers are found inside the frame of some Corpus doors. They are activated by nearby Security Cameras that detect a hostile target (a Tenno). They are deactivated by either disabling the cameras by shooting them or merely avoiding the camera's gaze.

Passing through the barrier with a proper maneuvering technique (such as rolling) will only inflict minor damage to shields, while crashing through them will knock the player down, dealing heavy damage to shields. No health damage can be received from laser barriers.

All Corpus are able to pass through these barriers unharmed. Occasionally they may stand in the way of the beams, blocking them so that players may walk past.

Passing the Lasers

Below are the proper techniques used to pass the barrier with minor damage:

  • One can use a normal evasive roll to bypass the barrier.
  • Slide Melee (Sprint then Ctrl then E) [This is the most effective tactic as long as melee has a fast attack rate with its slide attack]
  • With a slow weapon, or possibly a slow frame, you may pass through the barrier, but still be knocked down.
  • Flying Kick (Sprint then Space then Ctrl) [Only works with sufficient speed]
  • Blocking with any melee weapon nearly always guarantees a pass-through with no knockback. If enough speed is being put before blocking the laser, damage inflicted will be minor.

Bypassing the Lasers

The following skills will allow Warframes to pass through Laser Barriers unharmed.

Blocking the Lasers

Laser Barriers may be blocked by an enemy or a player using:

  • Loki's Decoy
  • A Rhino using Iron Skin (not recommended, as the barrier quickly drains Iron Skin in seconds.)
  • A Trinity using Link (a nearby enemy is required so that Link will pass the damage)


  • Prior to Update 7.7.3 Laser Barriers could damage health and put a player into a downed state the same as any other enemy.
  • Sometimes you are able to simply walk straight through the Laser Barriers, even without lag (Bug?)

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