The Critical Delay mod increases the critical hit chance by 8% per rank while reducing the fire rate by -6% per rank of rifles for a maximum of 48% critical hit chance and -36% fire rate at rank 5.


Rank Critical Chance Fire Rate Cost Conclave
0 +8% -6% 4 C5
1 +16% -12% 5 C6
2 +24% -18% 6 C7
3 +32% -24% 7 C8
4 +40% -30% 8 C9
5 +48% -36% 9 C10


  • This is practical for snipers and avid crit-builders who would sacrifice rate of fire to increase Critical chance to greater levels; such as the Synapse , AmprexLanka, Vulkar, Vectis, Soma and the Grakata.
  • Along with a maxed Point Strike, critical chance is increased by 198%; nearly triple the original critical chance of the weapon.
  • In terms of DPS, this mod will still have a negative impact overall: Amprex and Synapse, who profit most from this mod, with Point Strike and Vital Sense and no fire rate mods installed will still gain -26.1% DPS vs normal body parts and -24.9% DPS vs heads from adding this mod to them, despite their individual shots dealing +15.5% damage vs normal body parts and +17.4% damage vs heads on average.
    • Therefore, the benefit of this mod is not DPS gain, but increased ammo efficiency, especially on weapons with high rate of fire (Synapse, Amprex, Soma), in which cases ammo is wasted during the reaction time between the target dying from the damage and the player suppressing their fire after that, on top of the fewer shots needed to kill the target due to the crit chance bonus.
  • Users may find that equipping this mod on the Grakata to be very effective, as the reduction in fire rate can reduce recoil while increasing critical chance.
  • Mods that improve fire rate can be used to offset the penalty if desired. This is particularly prudent for weapons that fire slowly, as with the addition of a high-ranked Critical Delay they may fire too slowly for the player to effectively dispatch foes. A fully ranked Shred in particular can almost completely negate the fire rate penalty while giving the rifle Punch Through.


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