Corpus Target
派系 IconCorpusB.pngCorpus
類型 Ranged
武器 Dera
能力 Flash Bang
生命 800
基礎倍率 Stealth: 4.0x
Head: 2.0x
基礎等級 1
資料庫掃描次數 20

Corpus Target is the target of Corpus Capture missions. They resemble a Crewman, but without the helmet obstructing their head. A target can wield various Corpus weapons, such as a Dera, or a Detron (if their suit is white) on normal missions. In the Void and higher level Capture missions however, they can wield a Supra or a Lanka.

In addition, they will drop credits at a steady rate when hit, releasing huge piles of money upon being heavily damaged, likely in an attempt to distract the pursuing Tenno.

Each target has a special ability they can use while fleeing from the Tenno. The ability is determined by what color suit they wear:

  • Dark blue/Black suited targets can explode a Flash Bang which makes a bright flash while making them temporarily invisible, much like Sgt. Nef Anyo's.
  • Red/Orange targets deploy Shield Ospreys.
  • Yellow targets are capable of performing Seismic Shockwave which knockdowns nearby Tenno.
  • White suited targets have a similar ability, but instead of knocking down, inflicts the Cold b.png Cold Proc.
  • Green targets are capable of launching a bolt of electricity, similar to a Synapse or Volt's Shock ability.

Corpus Target receives +300% damage from Stealth attacks, making it an effective 4.0x multiplier.


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  • Rarely, the target will be invisible, and the only thing you see is his gun.
  • If a lockdown is initiated while he is running from the Tenno, he will run to the nearest control panel and attempt to unlock the doors. However, he will always fail, and afterwards he will be come unaggressive towards the Tenno, and simply wander around the area.
  • Despite that their faces are fully visible, attempting to shoot it will have the damage reduced greatly, as if there was still a helmet there.
  • It is possible to kill the Capture targets in areas where there is water, such as the Orokin Void, and by knocking him into the water with an ability like Soul Punch, Pull, or Rip Line.
  • Scanning a Capture target using a Codex Scanner can sometimes result in the entire Enemies section of the Codex reverting back to its undiscovered state. Performing another scan on a Capture target can fix this problem.


  • Contrary to normal Crewmen, they speak in English (typically begging the Tenno to let them go).
  • As of Update 12.4.0, the Targets also speak Corpus Language.
  • One type of Corpus Target is likely a Scout Crewman since it is able to cloak, possesses black uniform and wields a Spectra.
  • As with the Grineer Target, The Corpus target has a unique codex animation, This being them cowering without their weapon.


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