Through synthesis we can rebuild and preserve. Create memory-immortals within this data oasis. Will you become enlightened Tenno? Will you hunt for me?

–Cephalon Simaris

Cephalon Simaris is an AI construct that resides within the Sanctuary, a room found in the upper level of all Tenno Relays. A seeker of knowledge, his ultimate goal is to "immortalize" creatures through the process known as Synthesis, that deconstructs a being into data for storage within the Sanctuary.

Like other Syndicates, Cephalon Simaris has his own Standing system which players can accrue in order to exchange for unique Offerings. Unlike other Syndicates however, players acquire Standing with Simaris by using Synthesis Scanners on enemy units, which will provide a small amount of Standing with each scan. Players can earn more Standing by performing scans on Synthesis Targets, enemy units found on missions that have been specially designated by Simaris; these Synthesis Targets are visually identified by their blue outline, and must be synthesized by scanning four small nodes on their body. The kind of Synthesis Targets are chosen for each day, and only one Target can appear per mission run.

Simaris is considered a Neutral Syndicate, and acquiring Standing with him will not affect Standing with other Syndicates.

Simaris can be found on the right side of the second floor of any relay (using elevators found outside of control area).



  • Amusingly, his placeholder description reads out "Do books even still exist in this universe? Just plug that shit directly into my brain. While I prefer librarians with glasses, a sentient group of trapezoids will have to do."

See also

  • Sanctuary, an official site from WARFRAME regarding Simaris' room, Sanctuary.
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