血色萬柳 is a Stance Mod for polearm weapons, specializing in lunging, sweeping attacks that can hit large swathes of enemies.


*Denotes weapon with matching Stance Mod polarity.


招式 按鍵組合
斷魂氣息 EE2XEE2X
鋼鐵閃動EE 按住 E150%Imp.EImp.2XE
旋風擊 滑行中 E
泰山鏨 空中 E
點路明燈 跑牆時 E
狼牙掘 對倒地敵人 + E
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam       = Proc
  • PS4 玩家 E = R1
  • Xbox 玩家 E = RB


  • First attack of all combos is a very short range horizontal cut that locks you in place for about a second (at no speed modifiers) and does slightly more damage.
  • Drifting Steel consists of three lunging attacks that propels the warframe forward while attacking. These can be aimed to allow rapid movement in different directions to hit large groups of enemies faster.
  • Drifting Steel has a 100% chance to inflict Impact b Impact proc during the overhead slash of its 3rd attack, and on the last stabbing hit of its 4th attack.
  • The third combo in Drifting Steel inflicts 50% bonus damage.
  • Equipping this Stance increases the weapon's Stamina cost per swing by 15%.
  • This stance makes the polarm have a less fluid swing and swings in steps


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