Anti Moa
DEAnti MOAbigger.png
派系 IconCorpusB.pngCorpus
類型 Ranged
武器 Shockwave Launcher
機器 50
Puncture b.png+  Electricity b.png++  Radiation b.png+  Slash b.png-  Toxin b.png-
護盾 500
Impact b.png++  Cold b.png++  Magnetic b.png+++  Puncture b.png-  Radiation b.png-
基礎倍率 Torso: 2.0x
基礎經驗 200
基礎等級 5
弱點部位 Head
資料庫掃描次數 5
掉落MOD Thief's Wit
Vitality (Sentinel)
Pathogen Rounds
Shotgun Savvy
Swirling Tiger

The Anti Moa is a MOA variant was released on Update 11, initially limited to the Corpus Gas City, it is now present in any Corpus-themed tileset.

Having the same design as the Fusion MOA sans Fusion Drone, its primary weapon fires a projectile that ricochets off surfaces and other entities roughly up to four bounces, where the fifth bounce dissipates the projectile into a blue, slow-expanding shockwave similar to the Rippling Shockwave, knocking down players that come in contact with it.

Because it is prone to missing its target (due to its low rate of fire and the projectile's travel speed), it primarily serves as a support unit, incapcaciting players so that other Corpus personnel can attack them without retaliation.


  • Anti MOAs are treated as a hybrid of a standard MOA and a Shockwave MOA, due to their regular behavior when attacking their targets while having the ability to generate shockwaves at a distance.
  • Despite their small size, Anti MOAs have blistering amount of shields making them the most durable among the MOA family, even more than the Fusion MOA.
    • High Impact, Ice and/or Magnetic damages are advised to dispatch this threat.
    • High Toxic damage will easily dispatch it due to the low health values and the fact that poison ignores shields.
  • Energy beams shot by the Anti MOA have a damage falloff, making this MOA moderately powerful at close range.
  • When accompanied with a squad of Crewmen, it is suggested to dispatch its accomplices before dealing the Anti MOA itself.
  • Mag's Shield Polarize can easily subject the Anti MOAs' massive shields to removal, as her ability can do shield damage by percentage and not in a fixed value.


  • Before Update 11.1.2, there was a "crown" on top of the MOA which resembled the sawblade of the Miter. This might have been the result of the Anti MOA's weapon functioning similary to the Miter, and therefore it simply used the Miter's weapon model as a placeholder until it was removed.
  • Since it shares the same design as the Fusion MOA, it is possible that the Anti MOA is also integrated with Orokin technology. Alternatively, said technology may have been reverse-engineered by the Corpus for easy mass production.