派系 IconCorpusB.pngCorpus
星球 冥王星
任務 Hades
武器 机枪
能力 火焰冲击
機器 2,000
Puncture b.png+  Electricity b.png++  Radiation b.png+  Slash b.png-  Toxin b.png-
原型護盾 300
Impact b.png+ Toxin b.png+ Magnetic b.png+++ Puncture b.png‐‐ Heat b.png‐‐ Corrosive b.png‐‐
合金裝甲 200
Puncture b.png+Cold b.png+Radiation b.png+++Slash b.png‐‐Electricity b.png‐‐Magnetic b.png‐‐
基礎倍率 躯干: 2.0x
尾部长发体: 3.0x
机枪: 0.5x
基礎經驗 1,500
基礎等級 1
資料庫掃描次數 3
掉落MOD 弹夹增幅
其他掉落物 Orokin 电池

Ambulas 是冥王星的BOSS, 样子像一只黑色 恐鸟 但有着更高的伤害。除了更高的血量,合金装甲和一个原型护盾,它有着一个高伤害机枪和两个能力(类似火焰冲击牵引),使它被其他Corpus单位保卫时成为一个危险的敌人。它被Lotus当做暗杀目标以防止未来更多的Ambula被生产, 尽管不知道是否还有更多的模型存在。 它能在節點Hades中找到。在打败它并完成任务后,你能得到Excalibur 的机体,头盔或系统蓝图。 同时 Ambulas 有一定几率掉落 非晶态合金


Ambulas 是一个小的黑色 恐鸟 单位. 尽管外表不出众,它有着极快的速度和很多的能力。


攻击方面:他的机枪每发大概能造成35的伤害,有时会单发的发射,但也能进行连续的爆发射击(特别是玩家被击倒的时候)。它也有一个跺脚攻击,但不像其他单位。它的跺脚攻击不会造成击倒,但会产生一圈火焰造成不少的伤害,会损失700+的护盾并每秒减少生命。当与之近战时,它会进行踢腿攻击并击倒玩家。此外它有个能力类似Mag的牵引, 它经常把这个技能与跺脚攻击和踢腿攻击连在一起。



  • "Incursion Probability: Negligent. Tenno Mortality Probability: Inevitable."
  • "Offensive System Conclusion: Enemy Combustion."


As with all other bosses, kill all nearby mobs before engaging Ambulas. This being Pluto, the last thing you want is several high damage machine guns blasting you while being chased by the boss.

Due to its Ring of Fire and Kick, both being close quarters abilities, you would do well to stay away from Ambulas and kite at a distance. However, what makes Ambulas difficult is its extremely annoying Pull ability, which it WILL spam every time it gets the chance, and will most likely follow up with an immediate Ring of Fire or Kick. The Pull ability is unavoidable, and the only way to keep it from triggering is to stay out of Ambulas' line of sight, which doesn't work very well since you can't shoot it by doing so.

The Ring of Fire attack activates on its own timer, which starts out synchronized with the Pull's cooldown. It is possible to un-sync this timer by staying out of Ambulas' line of sight temporarily, so that it will automatically use Ring of Fire without using the Pull, thus un-syncing their cooldown timers. This at least reduces the chance of Ambulas being able to follow-up a Pull with an immediate Ring of Fire.

Keep a good stock of energy and use it on escape-related skills for when you get Pulled. For example, Excalibur's Slash Dash, Rhino's Iron Skin and Trinity's Link are good abilities to help you escape/survive a Pull and Ring of Fire combo.

As a Corpus unit, it is weak to electrical damage. Also, due to its devastating close range abilities, shotguns are not advised for this fight.


Jumping on a double crates can potentially disrupt Ambulas' targeting, making it a sitting duck. It is also possible to get it stuck on stairs, though in most such cases it'll just use a Pull to drag you to it.

It seems that Ambulas is the only boss-level enemy who is fully vulnerable to crowd-control abilities.


  • Ambulas was introduced Update 6, replacing the stock photo and name of Arn Etina in the process (as Arn Etina never had a physical model ingame). 
  • Ambulas is currently the highest leveled boss in the game, barring any boss used in assassination alerts.
  • Ambulas means "you walk" in Latin, fitting the boss's depiction as an upgraded MOA Walker.
    • Ambulas is also the first Corpus proxy that does not follow the animal-themed naming of the other proxies, bosses included (OspreyJackal etc.).
  • According to Lotus, the destruction of this Ambulas prototype has halted further production of this series of proxies, though it is unknown whether other Ambulas model proxies have already been built.
  • Similar to Sgt. Nef Anyo and Tyl Regor, Ambulas doesn't drop any rare mods.