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The Codex is an in-game database containing data on all aspects of Warframe. Several sections of the Codex are automatically populated as content is released (Warframes, Weapons, Events, Sentinels, Sentinel Weapons) and are additionally used to track player's progress in attaining and leveling those items.

In order to obtain information on enemies, missions and game world objects for the Codex players need to scan the relevant items using Codex Scanner.

Information for other categories is obtained by owning the item in question (Mods) or by progressing in Mastery Ranks (Art Gallery).




  1. 在市集上購買掃描器
  2. 在裝備欄上裝備掃描器
  3. 進入任務中
  4. 在裝備欄上選取掃描器
  5. 右鍵放大, 左鍵掃描.玩家也許可以長按左鍵來達到同時放大和掃描的效果



主條目: Factions

There is a variety of information that can be gathered on each enemy type:

  • Lore
  • Faction
  • Level Range
  • Regions
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Mod Drops (and rarity)
  • Effectiveness of Physical and Elemental Damage Types
檔案:Heavy Gunner Codex.png

Heavy Gunner with elements info displayed

The Codex displays the enemy's weakness and resistances to each damage type. Each plus or minus sign means 25%. 

The number of scans needed of each enemy type for the codex profile to be complete varies between 3 and 30. 3 For bosses and high tier enemies and 30 for the lowest tier enemies (like the different types of crawlers).

Enemy list

The following is a list of enemy types in the Codex (sorted alphabetically) Eximus variants were added to the Codex in Update 13 and are separated from their standard counterparts:

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Alad V
Anti Moa
Anti Moa Eximus
Attack Drone
Corpus Scout
Corpus Scout
Corpus Scout
Corpus Tech
Corpus Tech Eximus
Corpus Warden
Corpus Warden Eximus
Detron Crewman
Crewman Eximus
Detron Crewman Eximus
Elite Crewman
Elite Crewman Eximus
Fusion MOA
Fusion MOA Eximus
Hyena LN2
Hyena Ng
Hyena Pb
Hyena Th
Leech Osprey
Leech Osprey Eximus
Mine Osprey
Mine Osprey Eximus
MOA Eximus
Oxium Osprey
Prod Crewman
Prod Crewman Eximus
Railgun MOA
Railgun MOA Eximus
Scavenger Drone
Sgt. Nef Anyo
Shield Osprey
Shield Osprey Eximus
Shockwave MOA
Shockwave MOA Eximus
Sniper Crewman
Sniper Crewman Eximus
Zanuka Hunter
Arid Butcher
Arid Butcher Eximus
Arid Eviscerator
Arid Eviscerator Eximus
Arid Hellion
Arid Lancer
Arid Lancer Eximus
Arid Seeker
Arid Seeker Eximus
Arid Trooper
Arid Trooper Eximus
Ballista Eximus
Bombard Eximus
Butcher Eximus
Captain Vor
Councilor Vay Hek
Desert Heavy Gunner
Desert Heavy Gunner Eximus
Elite Arid Lancer
Elite Arid Lancer Eximus
Elite Frontier Lancer
Elite Frontier Lancer Eximus
Elite Lancer
Elite Lancer Eximus
Eviscerator Eximus
Frontier Butcher
Frontier Butcher Eximus
Frontier Eviscerator
Frontier Eviscerator Eximus
Frontier Heavy Gunner
Frontier Heavy Gunner Eximus
Frontier Hellion
Frontier Lancer
Frontier Lancer Eximus
Frontier Regulator
Frontier Seeker
Frontier Seeker Eximus
Frontier Trooper
Frontier Trooper Eximus
General Sargas Ruk
Grineer Warden
Grineer Warden Eximus
Heavy Gunner
Heavy Gunner Eximus
Kela De Thaym
Lancer Eximus
Lt. Lech Kril
Napalm Eximus
Orbital Strike Drone
Powerfist Eximus
Propaganda Drone
Scorch Eximus
Scorpion Eximus
Seeker Eximus
Shield Lancer
Shield Lancer Eximus
Shik Tal
Trooper Eximus
Tyl Regor
Vay Hek Terra Frame
Vem Tabook
Ancient Disrupter
Ancient Disrupter Eximus
Ancient Healer
Ancient Healer Eximus
Charger Eximus
Crawler Eximus
Electric Crawler
Electric Crawler Eximus
Leaper Eximus
Lobber Crawler
Lobber Crawler Eximus
Nauseous Crawler
Nauseous Crawler Eximus
Toxic Ancient
Toxic Ancient Eximus
Toxic Crawler
Toxic Crawler Eximus
Volatile Runner
Corrupted Ancient
Corrupted Ancient Eximus
Corrupted Crewman
Corrupted Crewman Eximus
Corrupted Drone
Corrupted Heavy Gunner
Corrupted Heavy Gunner Eximus
Corrupted Lancer
Corrupted Lancer Eximus
Corrupted MOA
Corrupted MOA Eximus
Drone Guardian
Fusion MOA Guardian
Orokin Drone
Orokin Drone Eximus
Desert Skate
Feral Kubrow
Others (under "All" tab)
Grineer Capture Target (Mercury Only)


This section is yet to be implemented. The following data is based on the information from the livestreams and is subject to change.

Missions will have a special object (mainframe or reactor) that will provide information when scanned with the data sample.

The data masses picked up in the Spy mission are planned to hold random blocks of information that will be filled in the codex once mission is complete.

There is a variety of information that can be gathered on each mission:

  • Drop Tables

It is unknown if there is a bonus associated once all information is discovered.


主條目: Objects

The following world objects can be scanned to populate the "Objects" section of the codex:

Other objects can already be scanned but don't have any entry in the codex yet

  • Arc Trap
  • Corpus System
  • Fan
  • Grate
  • Grineer System
  • Orokin Power Cell
  • Orokin System
  • Reactor core
  • Sensor Bar
  • Warframe Cryopods


  • The Mods section of the codex show only the mods you possess at the moment not the one you had but don't have anymore for one reason or another
  • Some mods within the game do not appear in the codex;


  • Stealth scans give players more experience and also count as 2 scans.
  • The Codex Scanner is a gear item, purchasable for Credits64.png‍ 500, with 25 uses.
  • The Codex is not a communal effort. Each player has their own Codex.
  • Nekros can cast the Shadows of the Dead and scan the copies of the enemies.
  • You can also scan fans, sentinels of other players, capture and rescue targets, and turrets. They will only give a small amount of affinity.
  • There is a hidden tab for Orokin enemies. Scan an Orokin enemy to reveal it .
  • If you already have your scanner in your hands and manage to scan the Stalker from behind while he's still in his spawn process you can stealth scan him.
  • Even if something is not (yet) in the codex the scans will be recorded. You can check the complete list of scans in your profile statistics page.
  • You can scan your allies in Invasion mission, but it will never count as a stealth scan.
  • You can scan Capture targets once they are on the ground before or even during the capture animation.
  • When fighting Lephantis you can scan individual part of him during the first half of the fight and scan them again in the second half. Note that only the main body will count towards codex.
  • As of Update 13.2.0, you can no longer scan enemies or objects that you have completed the codex for, except for the various Earth plants, as they give extracts.
  • In Update 13.4 a new Green visual was added to enemies that have been fully scanned when viewed with the Codex Scanner.