If you could trade, would you? Surely. But all miracles...require sacrifice. For their life... yours.


犧牲是第三個電影類型的系列任務,引入了Umbra戰甲,例如 Excalibur Umbra。第一次被提及是在TennoCon 2017,並在[WARFRAME網站]上發表。犧牲更新被證實將於2018年6月11日發布,並已經於2018年6月14在PC上實裝


  • During Devstream 110 the teaser art for The Sacrifice quest was released, which contained a small bit of Orokin script in the top left quadrant. This script is a literal spelling of the word three; i.e. "T-H-R-E-E-." It's unknown what this means, nor what the Lambda-like symbol above the period is at this time.
    • This may indicate towards a tweet by the @PlayWarframe Twitter account claiming that 'The Sacrifice" is the final cinematic quest of a trilogy — likely consisting of the Second Dream, the War Within and now the Sacrifice.
  • It has been confirmed in Devstream 112 that The Sacrifice quest is scheduled to be released before Tennocon 2018.
    • Because of this, the lambda sign, top left corner, is likely referring to the Sacrifice being the eleventh quest to complete.
  • There are two Easter Eggs when clicking on Lua and Ballas's face in the Teaser Site:


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