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系统 Sol
统治者 Grineer
頭目 Captain Vor
等级區間 1 - 7
任務 15
資源 Ferrite64 Ferrite
PolymerBundle64 Polymer Bundle
Morphics64 Morphics
DetoniteAmpule64 Detonite Ampule
有相關性 Venus
The only remaining Orokin Towers are hidden here. The Grineer patrol this area to prevent Tenno incursion.

–In-game Description

水星 is a planet where the Grineer are the controlling faction.

The Mercury Nav Segment can be obtained during the Vor's Prize quest.

The vital target of the planet is Captain Vor, who is located in the mission Tolstoj and has a chance to drop blueprints for the Cronus longsword and his personal sidearm, the Seer. He also has a higher than average chance to drop Morphics.

The Larunda Relay player hub is located here.

Relay Status

  • PC - Protected
  • PS4 - Destroyed
  • Xbox One - Destroyed


These lists do not apply to Survival missions.

During Spy 2.0 missions, special enemy variants may have a chance to spawn.


目標 名稱 類型 等級 地圖版塊
GrineerMissionIcon Apollodorus Survival 1 - 6 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Boethius Mobile Defense 3 - 5 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Caloris Capture 1 - 3 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Elion Mobile Defense 1 - 3 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon Eminescu Exterminate 3 - 5 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Lares Defense 1 - 6 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon M Prime Sabotage 1 - 3 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon Neruda Sabotage 3 - 5 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Odin Interception 4 - 6 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Pantheon Exterminate 5 - 7 Grineer Asteroid
GrineerMissionIcon Suisei Spy 5 - 7 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Terminus Exterminate 1 - 3 Grineer Galleon
GrineerMissionIcon Verdi Deception 5 - 7 Grineer Galleon


  • Apollodorus (Survival) is one of the best places to farm Ferrite, yielding approximately 1,000 of them every five minutes.


  • Mercury's missions are named after craters on the planet Mercury, as well as minor deities associated with the Roman god Mercury.
  • Mercury does not currently have Nightmare Mode missions. They were removed in Update 9.5.
    • Similarly, Mercury has not been the target of Invasions ever since they were implemented.
  • Despite being the only planet to still have the Orokin Towers, they are never accessible after the tutorial mission.
  • As of Update 13, Mercury is now a planet purely dominated by the Grineer.
  • As of Update 14, Mercury have been expanded with 7 additional missions and increased difficulty.
    • The name of the mission Suisei is the Japanese name for the planet Mercury. Alternatively, it is also the Japanese word for Comet.
  • Before Update 14, Mercury used to be the first planet accessible to players, beginning with the Terminus node.
  • Mercury is currently the only planet that does not reward Warframe components by any means.

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