类型 稀有
地点 虛空 任務
Councilor Vay Hek
Mastery Test

氬結晶 是能在 Orokin 虛空,Vay Hek議員或Corruped Vor身上取得的稀有資源,和其他資源最大的不同時氬結晶會在取得後的24小時消失

The timer points towards Midnight UTC/GMT+0 time indefinitely. This supports its description

Void based radioactive resource that decays every day it is out of the void.



  • 擊敗corrupted Vor並不會每次都掉落氬結晶
  • "A full 24 hours from when you acquire it and then when GMT 00:00 hits is when it’s considered in its decaying period." [Source ]
  • 取得新的氬結晶不會影響已經開始的氬結晶倒數
  • Upon the daily reset, half of the amount of Argon Crystals you had at the previous reset (rounded up) will be lost. Crystals obtained between the two resets are retained for the second. For instance, obtaining 31 Crystals before the reset on Day 1 and another 32 Crystals before the reset on Day 2 will result in 63 Crystals before the reset on Day 2 and 47 Crystals ((31/2 - 0.5) + 32) after the reset on Day 2. The reset on Day 3 will only subtract from these 47 Crystals leaving 23, while any more obtained before the reset on Day 3 will be subtracted during the reset on Day 4 along with half of those 23, and so on.
  • 目前無法在商城取得氬結晶


Click to view the Blueprints requiring Argon Crystals.
Blueprint Type Quantity
Nikana (Research) 近戰 3 (1)
Dragon Nikana 近戰 1
Halikar 近戰 2
Corvas Archwing 主武 2
Nami Solo 近戰 2
Karyst 近戰 1
Kronen 近戰 2
Atterax 近戰 2
Amprex 步槍 3
Kohm 散彈槍 2
Angstrum 副武器 2
AkZani 副武器 2
Mirage Warframe 1
Hidden Messages 任務 1
The Limbo Theorem 任務 2
Hydroid Chassis 零件 2
Hydroid Helmet 零件 2
Limbo Chassis 零件 1
Incubator Power Core 庫柏孵化裝置 1
Elytron Systems 零件 2
Gammacor 副武器 2
Redeemer 近戰 2
Centaur Archwing 近戰 2
Fluctus Archwing 主武 2
Total 45


  • (化學符號: Ar)元素週期表上第18個元素,為穩定的惰性氣體並不會像遊戲中有消失的傾向 (有些特殊的同位素會消失,例如氬-37 和氬-41,有35天又109.6分鐘的半衰期。)
    • 消失的原因可能是暴露在室溫下,氬結晶的冰點是83.81 克爾文 (-189.34 °C).
  • 第一個會因時間而消失的素材
  • 曾經因為bug,氬結晶能透過擊殺Phorid取得(在 Hotfix 14.7.4.後解決)

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