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This template will make a link to the warframe and displaying a tooltip of the warframe when hovered upon. It will only accept the exact name of the warframe.
Type {{WF|Warframe name}} as a replacement for ability link.
Input examples
  • {{WF|Ash}} = AshIcon272 Ash

The names are case sensitive.

  • {{WF|Limbo Prime}} = Limbo PrimeIcon272 Limbo Prime
    • {{WF|Limbo prime}} = {{WF}} "Limbo prime" not found

Incorrect warframe names give an error.

  • {{WF|Mesa Umbra}} = {{WF}} "Mesa Umbra" not found
Technical stuff

The template calls Module:Warframes and it sorts out whether the warframe's name is correct.

  • If the ability exists, class="ability-tooltip" data-param="{{#var:Name}}" tells javascript that this text wants a tooltip, which is made by {{Tooltip/Ability}}.
  • If the ability doesn't exist, the error is shown instead of a redlink along with Category:Ability Tooltip error added on that page.

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