The Hive Sabotage mission is a variant of the regular Sabotage mission. This type of mission was first introduced in the Operation Breeding Grounds event , and is now a regular mission node on Eris .


This mission requires players to destroy three Infested Hives, which are protected by five Infested Tumors each that must be destroyed before the hive can be harmed. Each hive destroyed will trigger an environmental hazard depending on the type of Hive destroyed, and will also increase the Infested spawn rate.

There are six variants of Infested Hives that can appear, though only three Hives can appear in any mission, and certain hive variants can appear more often than others. A particular variant can only appear once per mission, though any of the six variants can appear in combination. Each variant can be identified by a physical feature or aura unique to each type.

Corpus Resource Caches, similar to those found in the Orokin Derelicts, serve as a secondary objective. There are three caches hidden throughout the map, rewarding an additional item at the end of the mission for each cache discovered.

Hive Sabotage Missions

星球 地點 勢力 等級
Eris Candiru Infestation 26 - 28
Eris Lepis Infestation 28 - 30
Eris Psoro Infestation 30 - 32
Eris Sporid Infestation 32 - 34
Eris Viver Infestation 32 - 34
There are a total of 5 Hive Sabotage missions.


Finding resource caches in Hive Sabotage missions has a chance to reward players with a High Voltage, Shell Shock, or Mutalist Nav Coordinate.
Cache Reward Chance
A 1x Uncommon Fusion Core 16.67%
A 3x Uncommon Fusion Cores 16.67%
A 1000x Nano Spores 16.67%
A 2500 Credit Cache 16.67%
A 3000 Credit Cache 16.67%
A Thief's Wit 16.67%
B 1x Rare Fusion Core 15.49%
B 3x Mutagen Samples 15.49%
B 350x Plastids 15.49%
B 4000 Credit Cache 15.49%
B 5000 Credit Cache 15.49%
B Contagious Spread 5.64%
B Pathogen Rounds 5.64%
B Infected Clip 5.64%
B Fever Strike 5.64%
C 1x Rare Fusion Core 15.49%
C 3x Rare Fusion Cores 15.49%
C 5x Rare Fusion Cores 4.51%
C 1x Neurodes 15.49%
C 2x Neurodes 15.49%
C Enemy Sense 15.49%
C High Voltage 4.51%
C Shell Shock 4.51%
C Firestorm 4.51%
C Mutalist Nav Coordinate 4.51%
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