Finishing Damage is a unique damage type that completely ignores damage mitigation from Ferrite Armor and Alloy Armor, and deals twice as much damage against Infested Sinew. It is the damage type of select Warframe abilities as listed below, Bleed damage, and the damage caused by prompted Stealth and Finisher attacks (but not Ground Finishers). Finishing damage from Bleed procs and Hydroid's abilities also have the unique property of bypassing shields. Finishing Damage does not possess any kind of status effect, and thus is not involved in the processing of status chances.

Finishing Damage Items

Misc. Finishing Items

Type Effectiveness

Damage Type Cloned Flesh Ferrite Alloy Machinery Status Effect
Finishing +100% +100% -

Damage Type Flesh Shield Proto Shield Robotic Status Effect
Finishing -

Damage Type Infested Flesh Fossilized Sinew Status Effect
Finishing +100% -