Locks opponents in a tractor field preventing escape

The Zeplen is a Grineer space support unit which entraps nearby Tenno within a large energy net that prevents them from escaping; destroying the Zeplen removes the energy net. Zeplens are also capable of launching missiles against players.

The Zeplen is encountered in the final mission of the Archwing Quest, in Operation Eyes of Blight, and any Balor Fomorian invasion.


  • Tenno can enter the Zeplen's energy net from the outside, but will be trapped within the net once entered.
  • Zeplen can also trap any outgoing firepower from inside its energy net. However, attacks from outside the net can enter and hit objects within.
  • The Zeplen has the highest amount of base armor of any unit in the game.
  • Has the same model as the Missile Battery.


  • The Zeplen is named after the Zeppelin, a type of airship. These airships primarily saw use as scouts and bombing craft during the First World War.


  • When viewed within the codex, the Zeplen will be stuck within the ground, and slightly shakes back and forth.