Attacking with blade and gun, this Zealot spreads the 'message' with a hive of toxic, explosive pustules that grow on his back when he is attacked.

Zealot Proselytizers are followers of Arlo, the so-called 'Emissary of Eris', who have exposed themselves to the infestation in order to prove their devotion to his cause. Introduced in the third episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary. They are the infested form of Arlo's Devotees.


During Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary, the Proselytizer, along with a Zealot Herald, have a chance to spawn in any non-Arena/Quest mission and can spawn multiple times in a single mission. Unlike Assassins they can spawn in Syndicate missions, Assassination missions, and Free Roam missions, and are not time-gated.

They will be marked with an extermination mark icon when in the vicinity. Despite being of the Infested faction, they are considered friendly to all normal units in the mission, including Corpus, Grineer, and Corrupted. With the exception of Invasion missions, Zealots will attack the faction Tenno is currently allied with.

When attacked, it grows toxic explosive pustules, which are then released in an area of effect burst of damage.


  • Once it loses all its health, it will be downed, but it can be revived by the Zealot Herald. After both Zealots are defeated, they will disappear and award ReputationLargeBlack50 Nightwave standing.
    • The points gained are not to be affected by the Smeeta Kavat Mod TT 20pxCharm buff nor Resource Booster.
    • The points gained are affected by events; for instance, during the Thermia Fractures resource booster event, Zealots defeated on Orb Vallis awarded double the standard amount of points.
  • It is possible for groups of zealots to spawn more than once in the same mission.
  • From fourth episode onwards, Zealots will spawn as a team consisting of a Herald, a Proselytizer, and a Zealot Baptizer, and award ReputationLargeBlack200 upon defeat.
    • All of the Zealots must be killed within a short amount of time, otherwise they will be continuously revived by the Baptizer's swarm.


  • A zealot is someone who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.
  • A proselytizer is someone who attempts to convert other people to their own beliefs, usually a religion.


Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 25.6.3
  • Changed Zealots to be allied to the level's Faction to prevent them clearing objectives.
  • Fixed Zealots not being allied with Infested.
  • Fixed Zealots not storming players on spawn.
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