Allows access to Infested Derelicts that have been rerouted to populated areas by Zealots.

—In-game description

Zealot Derelict Codes are items used to access Zealot Derelict Missions during Nightwave Series 2, from the fourth episode and onwards. Zealot Derelict Codes can be obtained by completing three Infestation Outbreak missions.

Only one Zealot Derelict Code can be obtained per Infested Outbreak across a planet until it is resolved. See Invasion for the mechanics.

Usage[edit | edit source]

These are used to access Derelict Emissary missions over any planet with ongoing Infested Outbreaks, including the Emissary Derelict Assassination mission against Zealoid Prelate. All players in a squad must have a Zealot Derelict Code in order to participate in these missions. It will be consumed upon mission completion.

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