A subordinate loyal to the Zealoid Prelate, the Basion renders regular Infested invulnerable.

The Zealoid Bastion is an Infestation b.svg Infested enemy accompanying the Zealoid Prelate introduced during the fifth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary. It carries Arlo's Flame, an item that is needed to remove the invincibility of enemies during the Zealoid Prelate boss fight.


  • Zealoid seems to be a combination of the term zealot and -oid, a suffix meaning "resembling" or "having the likeness".
    • This probably refers to the fact that Zealoid is a new kind of being with a resemblance to Zealot.
  • A bastion is an institution, place, subject, or person that strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities.
  • The Zealoid Bastion and Zealoid Prelate share the same model.

Patch History[]

Hotfix 25.7.8 (2019-09-26)

  • Lowered the Zealoid Prelate and Zealoid Bastion Codex scans from 30 to 3.
  • Removed Zealoid Prelate and Zealoid Bastion from the Simulacrum due to breaking functionality.

Hotfix 25.7.7 (2019-09-26)

  • Introduced.