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“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers.

This is an article about the in-game tileset. For the Orokin colony ship of the same name, see Zariman Ten Zero.
"There are whole decks, empty except for the Angels. They're singing, like something big is coming. So that's good."

The Zariman is the tileset of the Zariman Ten Zero. Ravaged by the Void-Jump Accident and left adrift for years, the rooms of the Zariman are overgrown with unchecked flora and Void manifestations alike. Makeshift shelters and decrepit hallways are all that remain of the conflicts from the previous inhabitants. The few remaining Void Manifestations that still resemble the Zariman Crew have banded together in the Chrysalith[1]. The Zariman Ten Zero and its tileset are unlocked upon completion of the Angels of the Zariman quest.

Unique Enemies[]

While the primary enemies of the tileset switch periodically between Kuva Grineer and Juno Corpus, there are also some new strange Void entities roaming the ship. Killing their physical forms does not destroy them completely, as they will continue to exist in a spectral form that will then try to heal itself. Similar to Vomvalysts, These cannot be destroyed by Warframes and have to be taken down by using the Operator.

  • Thrax Centurion: Void manifestations that vaguely resemble Grineer, they wield Hespar.png Hespars while levitating around the environment and attack with a quick flurry of slashes while in their physical form. Similar to Eximus units, it is shielded by Overguard.
  • Thrax Legatus: Void manifestations that vaguely resemble Grineer, they wield deadly Aeolak.png Aeolaks and can create spectral copies of itself to attack while the real body vanishes temporarily. Also shielded by Overguard.
  • Void Angel: Once Void Manifestations resembling the crew and colonists aboard the Zariman[2], the Void Angels have been fully corrupted by the Void and are no longer recognizable as human.


Alternating Invaders[]

After the Zariman Ten Zero appeared from the Void fold, Grineer troops and Corpus units descended on the derelict ship, vying for its resources. Every 150 minutes, or 2½ hours, the invading forces will switch between the Worm Queen's Kuva Grineer and Parvos Granum's Juno Corpus. The current ruling faction can be determined by the ship next to the Zariman in the foreground of the Navigation map, or by opening the overlay map while within the Chrysalith with M .


Voidplumes are tokens shed by Void manifestations, and act as Syndicate Medallions for The Holdfasts. Every mission aboard the Zariman will have up to 11 total Voidplumes. 8 of these, like Syndicate missions, will be hidden throughout the map to be picked up. VoidplumeDown.png Voidplume Downs, VoidplumeVane.png Vanes, and VoidplumeCrest.png Crests are the only types of Voidplumes that can be obtained this way, and are worth ReputationBlackx64.png 500, ReputationBlackx64.png 1,000, and ReputationBlackx64.png 2,000 Standing, respectively. The remaining 3 are from Melica caches and the dormant Void Angel.

Melica Caches[]

Cephalon Melica's kiosk where a Zarium Accolade can be turned in.

Three versions of the Zarium Accolade.

Cephalon Melica may call out for nearby students from a terminal, asking for a Zarium Accolade. Accolades are large golden key-like objects which are typically located within the tile room of the terminal. They are marked on the map when using Loot Radar mods and emit a distinct shimmering sound, similar to Resource Caches. Accolades must be manually picked up and brought to a terminal in exchange for a VoidplumeQuill.png Voidplume Quill, worth ReputationBlackx64.png 2,500 Standing. Up to two Melica Caches can be found during a mission, and will also be marked on the mini-map when nearby. Each will only function for a single trade of an Accolade.

Dormant Angels[]

A dormant Void Angel.

Main article: Void Angel

A dormant Void Angel is a guaranteed spawn and will be found in larger rooms. While they can be mistaken as a part of the environment, they can be identified by their pose: their left arm reaching the sky and their head looking above, and sport visible wings and somewhat lighter colors compared to the other angel-like statues used as decorations. Interacting with a dormant Angel will cause them to awaken and initiate a fight.

Lohk Surge[]

A Lohk Surge

Lohk Surges are Void interactables that provide a range of buffs to Tenno:

  • Secondaries have guaranteed red crits.
  • Any Health Orbs picked up grant 25 max Health for the rest of the mission.
  • Any Energy Orbs picked up grant 1 Energy per second for the rest of the mission.
  • 1% life leech and guaranteed DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash procs on all damage.
  • No Energy cost on abilities and increase Casting Speed.
  • 200% extra Affinity gain.
  • Infinite ammo and 50% fire rate.

Interacting with a surge will spawn an Eximus unit. The surges last 45 seconds and have a 10 minute cooldown. Up to three Lohk Surges can spawn in a mission.

Lost Spirits[]

A spirit globe light.

Occasionally there will be a small blue-green, glowing, and whispering Globe Light on a table or bench. Interacting with this will summon a yellow Void manifestation in the image of a ghost-like child who will start running, leading the player to the nearest item of interest such as a Somachord fragment, Voidplumes, Ayatan Sculptures, and Rare Storage Containers called Molted Casks. Spirits will call out and slow down if the follower falls behind, but will still continue to their destination if ignored. Afterwards, the Globe Light will remain lit and can't be activated again.

Spirits have no minimum range when it comes to detecting items, and can traverse the whole map if the distance between the Light and the selected item is great enough. If all items of interest on the map have already been obtained before activating the Globe Light, a spirit will appear, then disappear again without moving.

On the other hand, managing to find the targeted item before the lost spirit reach it will divert the later onto the next item. That mean that several items of interest can be collected with only one spirit. Should the players collect all the items while a spirit is seeking them, the spirit will stay idle where it was standing when the last item was collected.

Locked Storage Rooms[]

A red door console that can be shot at.

Certain rooms may be locked or partially opened, and can be unlocked by damaging the door console within. Most consoles can be shot at through the partially opened door or by using explosive weapons, but some require alternate paths in order to access them.

Secret Areas[]

Some rooms contain secret areas that can only be accessed in certain ways. For example, seemingly solid moss can be walked through, or some panels can be destroyed to reveal an alternate path. Destructible panels will be highlighted if viewed with Codex Scanners.

In a Hydroponics room, a set of four consoles (two lit) will be surrounding a central pillar. When all four consoles are lit, the central pillar rises to reveal a lower level in the room. Activating a console will toggle it and both its neighbors. Solutions:

  • If the lit consoles are opposite, select both unlit consoles.
  • If the lit consoles are adjacent, select both lit consoles.
  • If one console is lit, select the opposite console.
  • If three consoles are lit, select the unlit console and its neighbors.
  • If no consoles are lit, select all four in any order.
  • General algorithm: select unlit consoles until only one is lit, preferring the central one if three are in a row.
    • Only yields a non-optimal solution in the case where there are exactly two adjacent lit consoles.

Voidplumes, Storage Containers, Somachord fragments, and Log Tablets can usually be found in these secret rooms, along with environmental storytelling showing remnants of survivors that had lived there.

Log Tablets[]

Projection of Executor Tuvul

A Zariman log tablet

Secret rooms and other hidden passages may contain an interactable computer tablet with an orange screen. These will play a holographic message from Executor Tuvul, providing background lore about the Zariman as the situation degraded. These messages are not randomized and are specific to the room they are found in.

Lunaro Arena[]

In one large room, a dilapidated Lunaro arena along with some Lunaro balls can be interacted with. The balls can be thrown into the one intact Lunaro goal for a short fanfare.


  • Depictions of notable Orokin figures can be found throughout the tileset, including Albrecht Entrati, Ballas, Executor Tuvul, and Archimedean Yonta.
    • Likewise, versions of these depictions that were vandalized by the denizens who went mad can be found as well, such as a portrait of Ballas that has been covered in blood and had his eyes stabbed with glass or knives.
    • Depictions of The Man in the Wall in its various forms, presumably created by the same denizens, can be found scrawled on the walls as well.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 31.5.3 (2022-04-29)

  • Fixed the Protovyre Ephemera not tracking Focus gained from Zariman missions.
  • Follow up fix to getting stuck in the Zariman elevator due to being in a ‘full’ public squad, and the session failing to join the mission.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning when starting a Zariman mission from the Chrysalith immediately following a Void Armageddon or Flood mission.
    • This also fixes post-Angels of the Zariman missions having spawn issues due to the last stage of the quest being Void Armageddon.
  • Fixed some matchmaking issues in the Zariman after Host migration.

Hotfix 31.5.2 (2022-04-28)

  • Turning in Zarium Accolades to Melica Caches will now immediately drop the Void Quill instead of after she finishes her voice lines.
    • This also fixes the issue of Cephalon Melica’s voice lines getting interrupted when interacting with her.
  • Turned up the volume of the Zarium Accolades.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the Zariman elevator due being in a ‘full’ public squad, and the session failing to join the mission.
    • There is still another case of this issue occurring that we are trying to nail down.
  • Fixed matchmaking from Navigation in your Orbiter matching you with Bounty squads started from the Chrysalith.
    • Matchmaking to Zariman missions from Navigation in your Orbiter will now only match you with players who are doing the non-Bounty version of the selected mission.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when Nova Worm Holing into the Zariman elevator and extracting before the Worm Hole disappears.
  • Fixed [PH] tags appearing in Zariman content.
  • More fixes towards players getting unwarranted Trade bans after playing missions in the Zariman.
  • Fixed script error in Zariman Mobile Defense mission (The Greenway).

Hotfix 31.5.1 (2022-04-27)

  • Fixed music queues overlapping in the Zariman missions.
  • Fixed lost spirits sometimes getting stuck and losing their way around the Zariman.
  • Fixed Melica Cache missing shutdown sound.
  • Fixed being able to get stuck in a school-room area in the Zariman tileset.
  • Fixed minor map holes in certain parts of the Zariman.
  • Fixed script error that would occur after Host migration in The Greenway Mobile Defense node.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Introduced.

  1. "When consciousness and Void come together, it makes a thing. For example, me!" -Archimedean Yonta during Angels of the Zariman
  2. "That form is what awaits us, should we fail to hold fast. The others were all like us, once. But in time they all drank from that bleak Reliquary, and now they scream in chorus to the Void." -Quinn during Angels of the Zariman