For the Assassin, see Zanuka Hunter
For the variant found in The Index with its Helios Companion, see Lockjaw & Sol

Zanuka is Alad V's pet created with parts of various Warframes, this is also the proudly announced product of the Zanuka Project. Both Alad V and Zanuka are encountered together on Themisto, Jupiter.


Zanuka appears as a cyan armored robotic canine. It is highly aggressive and agile, capable of doing dodge rolls and jumping around terrain. It will continuously chase the Tenno while launching attacks. Aside from the basic claw strikes, it has several ranged abilities.

  • Missile strike: Launches several guided missiles, doing moderate damage. Due to their powerful guiding capabilities, the most reliable way to dodge them is still to hide behind cover.
  • Frost bomb: Launches a gray spherical bomb that explodes in a small AoE, applying Cold and slowing down any Tenno within the explosive radius temporarily.
  • Dispel bomb: Uses when a Tenno has deployed a self-buff such as IronSkin130xDark Iron Skin. The bomb acts similar to the Frost bomb but dispels active abilities on hit. Unlike the Stalker's Dispel: this one will not stagger the victim. It also affects Shade's cloak as well.
  • AntimatterDrop130xDark Antimatter Drop (Zanuka only uses it when you down Alad V in order to allow it to revive him).
  • Revive Alad V: Zanuka's shields will drop to zero as soon as Alad's own shields are depleted. Should the rescue attempt be successful, it will restore Zanuka's shields along with Alad's.
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