For the Assassin, see Zanuka Hunter
For the variant found in The Index with its Helios Companion, see Lockjaw & Sol
Zanuka, kill.
—Alad V

Zanuka is Alad V's robotic pet created with parts of various Warframes, serving as his proudly announced product of the Zanuka Project. Both Alad V and Zanuka are encountered together on Themisto, Jupiter.


Zanuka appears as a cyan armored robotic canine. It is highly aggressive and agile, capable of doing dodge rolls and jumping around terrain. It will continuously chase the Tenno while launching attacks. Aside from the basic claw strikes, it has several ranged abilities.

  • Missile Strike: Launches several guided missiles, doing moderate damage. Due to their powerful guiding capabilities, the most reliable way to dodge them is still to hide behind cover.
  • Frost Bomb: Launches a gray spherical bomb that explodes, inflicting DmgColdSmall64 Cold damage and proc.
  • Dispel Bomb: Launches a spherical bomb that explodes, dispelling abilities. Uses when a Tenno has deployed a self-buff such as IronSkin130xWhite Iron Skin.
  • Revive Alad V: Whenever Alad V's health is depleted before Zanuka is killed, Alad V collapses and Zanuka will immediately rush to his aid to revive him, restoring their shields if successful.


Alad V cannot be taken down until Zanuka is slain first. However, its shields have innate damage reduction and therefore are extremely durable, but will vanish once Alad V's own shields are depleted. Avoid using DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin damage against Alad, as they ignore shields.

In the event Alad V's health is depleted before Zanuka is killed, he will collapse in a state similar to bleedout, and Zanuka will immediately rush to his aid and bring him back on his feet, restoring a portion of his shields. Although Zanuka becomes an easier target when attempting to rescue Alad, it may be easier to ignore Alad after his shields are down and attack Zanuka until it is destroyed.

A stealth player attacking Zanuka at range can attack with impunity, as its Dispel Bomb ability only works within medium proximity (about 10 meters). An even more trivial approach can be utilized by Ivara who can attack from Dashwires placed above while in Prowl mode for full stealth and no repercussions. Of course, a silenced weapon is recommended for stealth play.

Patch History[]

Update 30.2 (2021-05-12)

  • Fixed Zanuka's Missile attack waiting until after animation to start firing missiles.

Update 11.0 (2013-11-20)

  • New Boss: Alad V & Zanuka (Corpus).