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This article refers to content that will be released in a future update.

Rise from the cold depths below and brave the waves above, across an azure expanse basked in starlight's gleam. Submerse into the deep marine with Yareli, the nymphean sailor. Fluid as tidal ebb and flow, surf swiftly and ripple through her foes, as a slender raindrop cascades into a crimson ocean.

Yareli is an upcoming female Warframe slated for release in Update 30.5: Sisters of Parvos.


  • Yareli is the 47th unique Warframe to be released.
  • Yareli was first revealed in Devstream 154. Her in-game model, abilities, and signature secondary bubblegun weapon were showcased in Devstream 155.
  • Yareli was chosen from community artist Matias Tapia's Warframe concepts art portfolio, specifically the Magical Girl Warframe Series.[1]
  • The comic book cover for Waverider #1 was commissioned art created by artist ChickenDrawsDogs.[2]
  • Yareli is a female given name of Native American origin meaning "water lady; small butterfly".
    • She is the first Warframe whose name starts with the letter Y.
  • Yareli's hoverboard Merulina's name is likely derived from Merulina, a genus of stony corals in the family Merulinidae.
    • Merulina, as a fictional creature in Warframe, appears to be an amphibious aquatic species. It seems to carry a supply of seawater in the indentation on its back, which could be speculated to provide the oxygen for its gills if it breathes.
    • It is unclear if the liquid flow beneath Merulina necessary for its land-based locomotion, is provided by Yareli or Merulina itself.
  • Yareli's idle animations emphasize her petite and carefree demeanor, such as her showing victory hand-signs and creating heart-shaped water projections.[3]
  • When compared to her concept art, Yareli's in-game model has slight alterations:
    • The inner layer of the side clothes became protruding garments on the back of her dress, resembling the shape of a fish's tail fin.
    • Small frills were added above the back of her ankles.
    • Her feet were reshaped from ballet shoes to platform wedge heels.