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Always on the move, the vivacious Yareli commands the ocean's fury. The original Waverider.

She is the one to give hope to the hopeless, defeating her enemies with her aquatic grace. This is Yareli, the selfless, the wave rider.

Yareli fights for those who need it most, and strikes fear into those who oppress. Do you dream of water, Tenno?

Release Date: July 6th, 2021

Rise from the cold depths below and brave the waves above, across an azure expanse basked in starlight's gleam. Submerse into the deep marine with Yareli, the nymphean sailor. Fluid as tidal ebb and flow, surf swiftly and ripple through her foes, as slender teardrops cascade into a sanguine ocean. Yareli and Merulina rode into battle on Update 30.5 (2021-07-06).


Yareli's main blueprint is acquired by completing The Waverider quest. Component blueprints are acquired through Research inside the VentKids' Bash Lab within the Clan Dojo.

Additional main blueprints can be bought from Cephalon Simaris for ReputationBlackx64.png 50,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 72 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png 325 Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:N/A
Yareli Neuroptics Blueprint
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
Yareli Chassis Blueprint
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
Yareli Systems Blueprint
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25
Ventkid Bash Lab Research
Neuroptics • ClanAffinity64.png1,500
Detonite Injector.png
Time: 72 hrs
Prereq: N/A
Chassis • ClanAffinity64.png1,500
Mutagen Mass.png
Time: 72 hrs
Prereq: N/A
Systems • ClanAffinity64.png1,500
Time: 72 hrs
Prereq: N/A
Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100


AladVPortrait d.png
“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers. Please complete the The Waverider quest before proceeding.
Main article: The Waverider

Yareli was the savior of children who were enslaved by a Grineer named Vulgran. The rescue inspired the children to rise up against their slaver before she blasted him into the sky. Her tale is passed down through a comic Graphica dubbed Waverider #1.

Yareli also served as the originator of K-Driving and inspired the Ventkids to follow in her footsteps.


  • Boon and Roky have unique dialogue when entering the Ventkids hideout from the vent with Yareli.


  • Yareli is the 47th unique Warframe to be released.
  • Yareli was first revealed in Devstream 154. Her in-game model, Abilities, and Signature bubble-gun Secondary Weapon were showcased in Devstream 155.
  • Yareli, along with Volt PrimeIcon272.png Volt Prime, Chroma PrimeIcon272.png Chroma Prime, Saryn PrimeIcon272.png Saryn Prime, Ivara PrimeIcon272.png Ivara Prime, BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk, and WispIcon272.png Wisp possesses the second highest max-rank energy pool of all Warframes in the game after GarudaPrimeIcon.png Garuda Prime: 200 at rank 0 and 300 at rank 30.
  • Yareli was chosen from community artist Matias Tapia's Warframe concepts art portfolio, specifically the Magical Girl Warframe Series.[1]
  • The comic book cover for Waverider #1 was commissioned art created by artist ChickenDrawsDogs.[2]
  • Yareli is a female given name of Native American origin meaning "water lady; small butterfly".
    • She is the first Warframe whose name starts with the letter Y.
  • Yareli's hoverboard Merulina's name is likely derived from Merulina, a genus of stony corals in the family Merulinidae.
    • Merulina, as a fictional creature in the Warframe universe, appears to be an amphibious aquatic species. It seems to carry a supply of seawater within its translucent membranous cavity, which could be speculated to provide the oxygen for its gills if it breathes.
    • It is unclear if the liquid propulsion beneath Merulina necessary for its land-based locomotion is provided by Yareli or the creature itself.
  • Yareli's Idle Animations emphasize her petite and cutesy demeanor, often making youthful gestures popular with children. She enjoys giggling, flashing victory hand-signs, pointing finger guns, forming heart-shaped water projections, and hugging or sitting on Merulina while playing with water by kicking her feet[3]
    • As the patron saint of the Ventkids, Yareli is idolized by the orphans for her heroic deeds and gave them the inspiration to start K-Driving.
    • When you enter the Vents with Yareli the Ventkids will have a few lines of special greetings rotations for the player.
  • When compared to her concept art, Yareli's in-game model has slight alterations:
    • The inner layer of the side clothes became protruding garments on the back of her dress, resembling the shape of a fish's tail fin.
    • Small frills were added above the back of her ankles.
    • Her feet were reshaped from ballet shoes to platform wedge heels.
  • Yareli and HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid's familial relations are up for interpretation, as [DE]Pablo playfully denied that she was the daughter[4], while [DE]Rebecca viewed them more as siblings.[5]
  • Yareli is the first Warframe to be able to access and ride a variant of the K-Drive in standard Star Chart Tile Sets.
  • Yareli's idle animations are audible, such as the sounds of light clapping or fabric whooshing as she twirls. If her animations are placed on other frames however they will lack most of the audio cues, except the sound of stomping during hopping animations.


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Everflowing with the seas, whenever YareliIcon272.png Yareli moves for at least 1.5 seconds, she gains the Critical Flow buff that increases Critical Chance on her secondary Weapon by 200%. Critical Flow lasts until Yareli stops moving.

  • Passive values are not affected by mods.
  • Critical Flow additively stacks with other pistol critical chance mods such as Mod TT 20px.png Pistol Gambit to increase the secondary weapon's base critical chance stat.
  • The condition of movement to activate and sustain Critical Flow involves the player's input of the movement keys (default WASD ), falling from heights, or certain Maneuvers such as Bullet Jumping, Aim Gliding, and Wall Latching. Object-induced movement such as riding an elevator do not trigger Yareli's passive.
  • Merulina130xDark.png Merulina's innate K-Drive drifting momentum helps activate and maintain Yareli's passive.


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Main article: Sea Snares (edit)
SeaSnaresModx256.png SeaSnares130xWhite.png
Sea Snares
Form five water globules that seek out enemies and expand on contact, simultaneously damaging and immobilizing their victims.
Strength:100 / 150 / 200 / 250 /s (DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage per second)
+ 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 /s (DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage increase per second)
Duration:6 / 8 / 10 / 12 s (ensnare duration)
Range:15 / 20 / 25 / 30 m (seek range)
Misc:5 (globules per cast)
5 m (placement distance)
12.8 m/s (globule speed)
15 (active globules cap)
20 s (globule lifetime)
3.5 m (globule target radius)
∞ (snared enemy count)

  • Yareli flings out a cluster of 5 water globules that spread apart in front of her, then settle and float in place from 5 meters away. When cast with enemies in direct line-of-sight and within 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 meters in the direction of the aiming reticle, the globules travel at a speed of 12.8 meters per second to hone in on individual targets. Yareli may produce up to 15 globules with subsequent casts, with the new instances popping the oldest globules when passed the limit.
    • Energy cost is affected by Ability Efficiency.
    • Globule seek range is affected by Ability Range.
    • Casting speed is affected by Mod TT 20px.png Natural Talent and Mod TT 20px.png Speed Drift.
    • Globules per cast, placement distance, globule speed, and active globules cap are not affected by mods.
    • Sea Snares without acquired targets are placed horizontally from Yareli's position. Globules will rebound away from walls before they settle in place.
    • If the acquired targets die before their globules reach them, those globules will stop moving and lay in wait for other enemies.
    • Sea Snares from the same cast will attempt to hone into different targets. Globules from subsequent casts can hone into targets of a previous cast.
    • Globules will not hone into enemies already ensnared by Sea Snares.
  • Sea Snares are floating proximity traps with a lifetime of 20 seconds that detect and respond to enemy presence in direct line-of-sight and within a radius of 3.5 meters around them; upon acquiring a target, each globule rapidly floats toward and splashes onto the nearest enemy in range. Once splashed onto an enemy, the globule bursts apart releasing bubbles that envelop the snared enemy to suspend it in aerial cryostasis for 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 seconds, while chilling it with lowering temperature that inflicts 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage per second, which further increases by 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage for each second spent ensnared.
    • Ensnare duration is affected by Ability Duration.
      • When at least one enemy is ensnared by Sea Snares, the timer of the newest target appears on the ability icon.
    • Damage and damage increase per second are affected by Ability Strength.
    • Sea Snares' damage and damage increase per second benefit from Ability Strength and Ability Duration using the following expression:
      Total Damage = [(Ensnare DUR × Ability DUR) × (Cold Base DMG Per Sec × Ability STR)] + [(Modded DUR² - Modded DUR) ÷ 2] × (Cold DMG Increase Per Sec × Ability STR)
      • At max ability rank with a rank 5 Mod TT 20px.png Intensify and Mod TT 20px.png Continuity equipped, Sea Snares will deal [(12 × 1.3) × (250 × 1.3)] + {[(12 × 1.3)² - (12 × 1.3)] ÷ 2} × (125 × 1.3) = 23,575.5 DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage.
    • Globule lifetime and target radius are not affected by mods.
    • Globules are untargetable and intangible to entities, allowing allies to move through them unhindered, and causing attacks from friend and foe alike to phase through them.
    • Globules still experience collision with terrain geometry and certain objects, such as Arctic Eximus globes, causing the snares to burst and pop harmlessly against the obstacle.
    • Each enemy can only be snared by a single globule at a time.
    • Upon ensnaring an enemy, that globule is considered destroyed and removed from the active globule count. Yareli can capture an unlimited amount of enemies with her Sea Snares.
  • Ability Synergy:
    • Sea Snares' casting animation is faster while aboard Merulina130xDark.png Merulina.
    • Sea Snares prevent snared enemies struck by Aquablades130xDark.png Aquablades from being staggered away, allowing the blades to strike rapidly stacking multiple DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash status effects.
    • Riptide130xDark.png Riptide drags in and damages enemies ensnared by Sea Snares.
  • Can be recast while active to create new globules. Sea Snares has no delay between recasts.
  • Casting Sea Snares plays an upper-body animation whilst moving, or a full-body animation whilst standing, both allowing Yareli to continue movement but restricting other actions.
  • Sea Snares floating as proximity traps are not dispelled by entering an ability nullifying sphere from special enemies such as the Nullifier Crewman; the globules merely float in place unable to detect and hone into nearby enemies, but can be harmlessly popped if they collide with enemies.
    • Snared enemies will be released by the null sphere if they enter it.
    • Globules will rebound away if cast by Yareli standing near the null sphere.
    • Thrown globules cannot acquire nor hone into enemies within the coverage of a null sphere.
  • Yareli visually flails her left arm to the side to fling out the globules, as her right leg lifts briefly for balance. Water and bubbles spew forth along with Void energy.
    • Sea Snares globule visually resembles a large translucent water-filled bubble that glows brightly with Void energy and pulsates constantly to maintain its spherical shape, with water leaking from below. On contact with an enemy, the globule splashes water and splits into numerous other globules that move in constant fluctuating positions around the target, producing scores of smaller suds and bubbles.
    • Over the course of the ensnarement, the cloned globules gradually shrink and speed up in their movement until they pop one by one.
    • If the snared target is displaced away from their location, the cloned globules will quickly follow them and wrap around their target again.
    • Targets are immobilized and lifted airborne emitting an upward stream of energy that resembles the Lifted b.png Lifted status effect, while liquid globs similar to the Bleeding Body Ephemera drip off from the targets' bodies.

Tips & Tricks
  • With high energy reserves and good Ability Efficiency, Sea Snares is a relatively cheap means of disabling a group of enemies quickly and thus provides decent crowd control.
  • As Sea Snares pin enemies in place, landing headshots becomes easier. It therefore synergizes with effects that are triggered by headshots such as with IvaraIcon272.png Ivara's Mod TT 20px.png Concentrated Arrow or HarrowIcon272.png Harrow's Covenant130xDark.png Covenant.

  • Bugs
  • More than one globule can hone in on the same enemy and pop on contact, potentially wasting globules due to a single enemy can only be ensnared by one globule.
    • Globules will frequently pop and dissolve away if they collide into environmental obstacles (e.g. walls) or splash into an already snared enemy.
  • Sea Snares' visual effect on snared enemies sometimes linger for a while after their victims died.
  • Nautilus' Mod TT 20px.png Cordon causes snared enemies to launch high into the air as they are pulled together.

  • Expand/Collapse
    Main article: Merulina (edit)
    MerulinaModx256.png Merulina130xWhite.png
    Summon Merulina, a rideable creature of the waves, and the inspiration for K-Driving. Merulina protects Yareli by absorbing a large portion of incoming damage.

    Misc:Secondary only restriction
    Ragdoll immunity
    Stagger & knockdown resistance
    1.5 s (invuln. time)

    Strength:3,000 / 4,500 / 6,000 / 7,500 HP (health pool)
    Misc:75 % (damage redirection)
    ∞ (duration)
    13 m/s (move speed)
    16 m/s (boost speed)
    3 m (jump height)
    12 m (double jump height)
    1.25 s (jump charge time)
    17 m (charged jump height)
    10 m (dash distance)
    1,000 (DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage on landing)
    5 (DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage on slam shockwave)
    2 m (slam shockwave radius)

    • Yareli summons her faithful aquatic creature from the watery depths and rides aboard Merulina after it emerges. While riding Merulina, Yareli switches her combat and movement controls to K-Drive controls; aboard her transport, Yareli unholsters and only wields her equipped secondary weapon, becomes immune to ragdoll effects, as well as resists Stagger and Knockdown from most sources. Yareli may manually dismount from Merulina for no energy cost by pressing the ability key again (default 2 ), press or hold and release the quick melee attack key (default E ), or hold and release the interact key (default X ) to despawn it and switch back to normal Warframe controls.
      • Energy cost is affected by Ability Efficiency.
      • Casting speed is not affected by mods.
      • Yareli is Invulnerable for 1.5 seconds when dismounting manually or on Merulina's destruction.
      • She is immune to K-Drive ragdoll effects from dismounting Merulina, does not eject off from failing K-Drive board grabs and flips, nor from strong impact collisions with the environment and obstacles.
      • She will resist self-stagger effects inflicted by her equipped area-of-effect secondary weapons, as well as knockdown effects from enemies such as Grineer Heavy Gunner, Shield Lancer, Scorpion, Corpus Shockwave MOA, Laser Barrier, Infested Ancients, and Arson Eximus units.
      • Merulina is immune to the slowing effect of a Hobbled Dragon Key.
      • She is able to collect Pickups such as orbs and ammo.
      • She is able to use selective Gear items such as equipping the Codex Scanner or deploying Team Bonus Consumables.
      • She can also initiate interaction (default X ) with some entities and Objects such as opening doors and lockers, using elevators, picking up/inserting a datamass, picking up Ayatan Star/Sculptures and Granum Crown, Hacking consoles, activating Survival Life Support Capsules, etc.
        • Attempting to revive an ally in Bleedout forces Yareli to dismount when the interact key is pressed.
      • She is able to perform Transference while aboard Merulina, although this forces her to dismount.
    • Merulina is Yareli's personal deployable vehicle that possesses unique attributes and K-Drive maneuvers:

    • Merulina has a base Health pool of 3,000 / 4,500 / 6,000 / 7,500 health points that protects Yareli's hitpoints by absorbing 75% of incoming enemy damage in her stead. The ability lasts indefinitely until its health pool fully depletes, or Yareli dismounts or falls out of bounds. Upon destruction, Merulina prevents the damage from the last lethal hit from spilling over to Yareli's hitpoints.
      • Health pool is affected by Ability Strength.
      • Damage redirection and duration are not affected by mods.
      • While active, Merulina's health indicator is displayed above Yareli's ability icons. The UI element consists of Merulina's animated portrait on the left, the current numeric total of remaining health points on the right, and a health bar at the bottom that drains from left to right.
    • Merulina's hidden K-Drive stats include:
      • Move Speed of 13 meters per second and Boost Speed of 16 meters per second
      • Jump Height of 3 meters and Double Jump Height of 12 meters.
      • Jump Charge Time of 1.25 seconds and Charged Jump Height of 17 meters.
    • Merulina is not affected by K-Drive mods, including those equipped on a custom-built K-Drive in Yareli's Vehicle tab in the Arsenal screen.
    • Merulina gradually loses a percentage of health per second when Yareli is within an ability nullifying sphere created by special enemies, such as the Nullifier Crewman.
    • Merulina's colors can be customized via its own Appearance tab in the Arsenal screen, once the ability is unlocked on Yareli at Warframe Rank 3.
      • Energy colors on Merulina will instead match the chosen selections in Yareli's Appearance tab.
    • Merulina visually appears as an Infested aquatic creature with physical characteristics commonly found in real world stingrays (flat body with flaps and tail), Portuguese man o' war (translucent membranes, multiple stingers), and crustaceans (spiked chitinous carapace). The creature's frontal beak, fin flaps, and tails use cloth and jiggle physics, allowing them to sway along to Yareli's movement. The bioluminescent central cavity holds flowing liquid in motion that glistens and shimmers to the light.
      • Merulina produces liquid splashes and bubbles beneath its belly as it moves and lands on surfaces.
      • Merulina audibly makes chirping and gurgling creature sounds while Yareli is riding on it and performing K-Drive tricks.

  • K-Drive trick scores earned with Merulina yield Ventkids Standing in any mission.
  • While riding Merulina, Yareli can holster away her secondary weapon by pressing the switch weapon key (default F ) to enable her to perform more K-Drive tricks such as board grabs (default LMB ) and flips (default RMB ).
  • Yareli and Merulina will dash toward the input direction for a distance of 10 meters when performing a dodge maneuver:
    • Merulina's dash can be used on the ground, while in midair, and during casting animations to quickly reposition and break free from falling.
    • Each dash triggers a short cooldown before another can be performed.
  • Action PC PSN Xbox NSW
    Dash Tap LShift Tap L1 /LB Tap LB Tap L
    • When moving at cruising or boosted speed (default hold LShift ) with enough momentum, Yareli aboard Merulina can slide through some environmental barriers such as small railings, and surf on top of Defense Objects such as the Warframe Cryopod and Excavator.
    • Merulina can ollie and double jump (default Spacebar  x2) to reach greater heights than Warframes' jumping.
      • Double jump can be performed after a charged jump (default hold and release Spacebar ).
    • Landing directly on top of an enemy from any height with Merulina inflicts 1,000 DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage and knockdown.
    • Performing a K-Drive slam shockwave (default while in midair, tap + tap and hold down LCtrl ) causes Yareli to dive toward the ground, emitting a 2 meter expanding shockwave on landing that inflicts 5 DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage with a status chance to all enemies inside, causing guaranteed heavy knockdown and knockback away from the impact point.
    • Merulina is able to surf on some allied summoned objects, such as FrostIcon272.png Frost's SnowGlobe130xDark.png Snow Globe.

    • Ability Synergy:
      • Merulina's innate K-Drive drifting momentum helps activate and sustain Yareli's Critical Flow passive.
      • Yareli performs her other abilities' casting animations without stopping her movement while aboard Merulina.
      • SeaSnares130xDark.png Sea Snares' casting animation is faster while aboard Merulina.
      • Mod TT 20px.png Surging Blades costs no energy to cast while aboard Merulina.
    • Cannot be cast if spacing around Yareli is obstructed. Merulina will self-destruct if Yareli attempts to mount it while she is standing in an out-of-bounds zone, usually below the playable area of a mission such as the pillar protrusions in the Simulacrum.
    • Mounting and dismounting from Merulina are full-body animations that carry forth Yareli's momentum while stopping other actions.
    • Yareli visually leaps gleefully into the air as she spins counterclockwise, summoning Merulina beneath her as they land onto the ground with a splash.
      • When performing a moving dismount from Merulina, Yareli hops off spinning clockwise and lands several meters away, while creating a splashing wave for Merulina to dive forward back into the abyss.
    • When dashing with Merulina, various animations play for Yareli depending on the input direction:
      • Without moving, she twirls clockwise as she lands back onto Merulina's back.
      • While moving, she holds onto Merulina as they launch forward, flipping upside down and returning upright similar to a Bullet Jump.
      • While moving backward, she recoils raising both her hands up with open palms.
    • Subsumed abilities injected into Yareli via the Helminth system cannot be cast while aboard Merulina.
      • Developers noted that due to the amount of new custom animations required for this to function properly, this interaction will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future.

    Tips & Tricks
  • While Yareli herself is rather fragile, Merulina vastly improves her survivability. Deploying her during a fight, even when standing still, makes Yareli deceptively durable.
    • Bringing a secondary weapon with good crowd control and not dependent on accuracy, such as Atomos.png Atomos and her signature Kompressa.png Kompressa, can compensate for the disabled primary and melee capabilities while riding Merulina.
  • Riding Merulina counts in Nightwave challenges involving K-Drives, though she should take down enemies with her equipped secondary weapon and not with her abilities.

  • Bugs
  • Gameplay
    • When Yareli mounts onto Merulina, if there is a gap in the terrain geometry, she can fall through the ground.
    • While wielding a secondary weapon, trying to hold down LShift  to boost will sometimes take 2 or more seconds before the boosting actually begins.
    • Cannot trigger ArcanePulse64x.png Arcane Pulse while aboard Merulina.
    • Certain Companion mods, such as Mod TT 20px.png Vacuum and Mod TT 20px.png Fetch, would randomly become disabled when riding Merulina. This is more prominent when playing as client.
    • Yareli can fall through a moving elevator while riding on Merulina.
    • Yareli on Merulina can be slowed down by bumping her head on doorframes in older Tile Sets such as Corpus Outpost and Grineer Galleon as she moves through them at any speed.
    • Yareli's Critical Flow passive does not activate when falling from heights aboard Merulina, while it works when Yareli is on foot.
    • After initiating Transference while aboard Merulina, Yareli's hitpoints become vulnerable after 1.5 seconds due to dismounting Merulina. Her body stays vulnerable to damage even if no ability is active while she is in Operator mode.
    • Yareli aboard Merulina is unable to pick up Resurgence Tokens in arbitrations.
    • Yareli aboard Merulina is able to stand on Frost's bubble.
    • Yareli aboard Merulina counts as separate unit.
      • Any affinity gained while on Merulina is shared to yourself as if an ally killed the enemy.
      • Buffs that have been applied to Yareli before mounting are not applied to Yareli aboard Merulina. (For example RhinoIcon272.png Rhino's Roar130xDark.png Roar.)
      • Damage numbers from procs or other delayed attacks that would have been dealt while on Merulina disappear after dismounting.
    • Menus
      • Yareli aboard Merulina is unable to view K-Drive race locations on the Landscape map.
      • Yareli aboard Merulina is unable to interact with Boon or Grandmother to initiate K-Drive races, nor interact with Bounties givers on any Free Roam missions.
      • When customizing Merulina's Appearance via the Arsenal, it does not appear properly on screen when Yareli is in Captura or Relay hubs, including Cetus, Fortuna and Necralisk.
      • Merulina can sometimes be seen leveling up and accumulating Affinity at the end of mission summary screen.
    • Visuals
      • When Yareli mounts or dismounts Merulina, if playing as a client, her attachments and Syandana will sometimes return to their default colors for the remainder of the mission.
      • Playing as client, Yareli does not play an animation when picking up an object such as datamass or excavator power core.
        • Activating Life Support Capsules and hacking a console will trigger the latest ability cast's animation.
      • Yareli on Merulina inside LimboIcon272.png Limbo's Rift Plane does not show the Rift overlay effect on the player's screen.

    Main article: Aquablades (edit)
    AquabladesModx256.png Aquablades130xWhite.png
    Tear through foes with a trio of orbiting aquatic blades.
    Strength:350 / 450 / 600 / 750 (DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash damage)
    Duration:25 / 30 / 35 / 45 s
    Misc:3 (number of blades)
    5 m (radius)
    3 (hits per interval)
    0.5 s (interval time)
    0.5 s (attack cooldown)
    100 % (DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash status chance)
    Stagger on hit
    Subsumable to Helminth

    • Yareli twirls out a swirling whirlwind of 3 razor-sharp Aquablades that form a protective ring around her for 25 / 30 / 35 / 45 seconds. Aquablades rapidly revolve clockwise around Yareli, striking all enemies within a radius of 5 meters in an interval of 3 consecutive hits within 0.5 seconds; enemies that receive all three hits are immune to further hits from Aquablades for 0.5 seconds. Each hit inflicts 350 / 450 / 600 / 750 DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash damage with a 100% Status Chance and guarantees a Stagger effect.
      • Energy cost is affected by Ability Efficiency.
      • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
      • Damage is affected by Ability Strength.
        • At max ability rank, if an enemy receives a trio of hits by Aquablades, it receives a total of 2,250 DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash damage with 3 DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash procs on individual timers dealing a total of 4,725 DmgTrueSmall64.png True damage over the course of 6 seconds.
      • Casting speed is affected by Mod TT 20px.png Natural Talent and Mod TT 20px.png Speed Drift.
      • Number of blades, radius, hits per interval, interval time, attack cooldown, status chance and stagger on hit are not affected by mods.
      • Aquablades do not require line-of-sight between Yareli and enemies in range. The ring of blades phases through all terrain obstacles.
      • Aquablades' ring of blades affects enemies within its radius except the epicenter where Yareli stands, leaving roughly a small 0.5 to 1 meter gap. The ability area-of-effect is an invisible donut-shaped cylinder roughly the same height as Yareli herself.
      • Aquablades damage and break destructible Objects such as crates and resource caches.
    • Ability Synergy:
      • SeaSnares130xDark.png Sea Snares prevent snared enemies struck by Aquablades from being staggered away, allowing the blades to strike rapidly stacking multiple DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash status effects.
      • Yareli casts Aquablades without stopping her movement while aboard Merulina130xDark.png Merulina.
      • Aquablades can damage and bleed enemies drawn near Yareli by Riptide130xDark.png Riptide.
    • In Landscapes, deploying and riding an Archwing or a K-Drive while Aquablades is active will retain the spinning blades and will keep dealing Slash damage and stunning enemies.
      • This is also true when casting Aquablades before getting off a Railjack to fly via Archwing, giving an additional damaging source while engaging enemy craft in melee.
    • Cannot be recast while active.
    • Casting Aquablades is a full-body animation that stops Yareli's grounded movement and other actions.
    • Aquablades is dispelled only if Yareli herself enters an ability nullifying sphere from special enemies, such as the Nullifier Crewman. Aquablades that physically enter the sphere are unaffected.
    • Yareli visually clasps both her hands together toward the left, then slides her right arm away in a swift slicing motion, as her left leg lifts briefly for balance. Void-laced water and bubbles splash outward as the blades fade into existence inside a liquid current that forms around Yareli.
      • Aquablades visually resemble three glaive rings stylized with a wave-like design, each suspending in the outer orbit a thin slice of dense water shaped like sawblades. The blades surge and cycle through a circular liquid current laced with Void energy.
      • Aquablades and their Void energy are affected by Yareli's chosen Appearance colors.
      • While active, a continuous water surging sound effect with intermittent soft feminine humming tune plays on loop.
    • Enemies successfully struck by Aquablades emit a splash of liquid globs and a water cutting sound effect for each hit.
    • Subsuming Yareli to the Helminth will offer Aquablades and its augments to be used by other Warframes.

    Main article: Surging Blades

    Surging Blades is a Warframe Augment Mod for YareliIcon272.png Yareli's Aquablades130xDark.png Aquablades that allows her to recast the ability while active to throw a single bubble, which functions similar to a thrown melee weapon such as the Glaive.png Glaive, inflicting an AoE DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash damage and procs upon impact. The bubble's damage accumulates when any Aquablade directly hits an enemy.

    Rank Damage Increase Cost
    0 5% 6
    1 6% 7
    2 8% 8
    3 10% 9

    Tips & Tricks
    • Aquablades is a good option to infuse into Warframes using Mod TT 20px.png Narrow Minded to greatly prolong self-buffs (such as with SarynIcon272.png Saryn's ToxicLash130xDark.png Toxic Lash or GaraIcon272.png Gara's SplinterStorm130xDark.png Splinter Storm) and preferring a melee-centric play style, both because the blades can keep enemies staggered and thus open to Finishers, and because the blades' effective range is unaffected by the Ability Range penalty.
    • Activate Aquablades before riding an Archwing or a K-Drive to make the riding Warframe deadly against enemies that get too close.
    • When using Mod TT 20px.png Surging Blades, Duration-based builds allow the player to stack much more damage on Aquablades in its entire extended duration.
      • Yareli benefits even further from this build, as riding Merulina130xDark.png Merulina allows her to spam thrown blades at no energy cost, racking up damage for free in the process. She can even forego of Efficiency builds and instead build on Ability Strength (such as by equipping Mod TT 20px.png Blind Rage) to further amplify her blades.

    Main article: Riptide (edit)
    RiptideModx256.png Riptide130xWhite.png
    Drag enemies into a crushing maelstrom and then blow them away in a watery burst. Each enemy trapped in the vortex increases the burst’s damage.
    Strength:200 / 300 / 400 / 500 (DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage per tick)
    1,000 / 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500 (DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage on burst)
    Range:25 / 30 / 35 / 40 m (cast range)
    15 m (range)
    15 m (radius)
    Misc:1.75 s (casting time)
    4 (number of damage ticks)
    50 % (extra damage per enemy)

    • Yareli conjures forth a water cyclone within 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 meters at the location on her aiming reticle. Enemies within direct line-of-sight and 15 meters from the cyclone succumb to the turbulent flow, becoming incapacitated whilst funneled to the apex of the spiral, which encapsulates its victims inside its liquid sphere during Yareli's casting time of 1.75 seconds. All enemies dragged in receive 4 ticks of 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage over the course of the casting time; near the end of the ability, Riptide bursts and splashes its contents outward, inflicting a base amount of 1,000 / 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500 DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage increased by 50% for each enemy dragged in, to all enemies in a radius of 15 meters.
      • Energy cost is affected by Ability Efficiency.
      • Cast range, range, and radius are affected by Ability Range.
      • Damage per tick and on burst are affected by Ability Strength.
      • Riptide's damage on burst benefits from Ability Strength and number of affected enemies using the following expression:
        Total Damage = Cold Base Damage × (1 + Ability Strength) × (1 + 0.5 × Number of Enemies)
        • At max ability rank with a rank 5 Mod TT 20px.png Intensify equipped and 5 enemies dragged in, Riptide will deal 2,500 × (1 + 0.3) × (1 + 0.5 × 5) = 11,375 DmgColdSmall64.png Cold damage on burst.
        • Damage on burst falls off with distance from the center from 100% to ~5%, therefore the above calculation's final damage value only applies to enemies trapped inside the liquid sphere.
        • Damage on burst can strike Enemy Body Parts to yield higher damage if the specific parts of enemy's ragdolled body align with the ability's hitbox.
      • Casting time is affected by casting speed from mods such as Mod TT 20px.png Natural Talent and Mod TT 20px.png Speed Drift.
        • Riptide inflicts its damage per tick faster when casting time is reduced.
      • Number of damage ticks and extra damage per enemy are not affected by mods.
      • Line of sight requirement is centered on the cyclone, regardless if Yareli herself sees the enemies or not.
      • Riptide's drag force on enemies is constant, which results in enemies farther away from the cyclone to drag along the ground and might not fully enter the liquid sphere before it bursts.
      • Only enemies that are trapped within the liquid sphere are launched away with a small impulse when it bursts.
    • Ability Synergy:
      • Riptide drags in and damages enemies ensnared by SeaSnares130xDark.png Sea Snares.
      • Yareli casts Riptide without stopping her movement while aboard Merulina130xDark.png Merulina.
      • Aquablades130xDark.png Aquablades can damage and bleed enemies drawn near Yareli by Riptide.
    • Casting Riptide is a full-body animation that stops Yareli's grounded movement and other actions.
    • Riptide is not dispelled if Yareli or the cyclone enter an ability nullifying sphere from special enemies, such as the Nullifier Crewman. Damage on burst will hit and damage the sphere, causing it to shrink.
      • Riptide's cyclone model can be spawned on top of a null sphere.
    • Riptide's cyclone model will attempt to rotate and adhere itself onto the surface at the location on the aiming reticle. If the spacing is insufficient and obstructed, the cyclone will attempt to spawn on the closest available space on the ground below. If there is no space available, the ability will not cast.
    • Yareli visually spins clockwise as she gathers Void-laced water, producing bubbles and liquid globs that drip from her arms, until she levitates off the ground to burst the cyclone apart.
      • Riptide visually erupts from a water puddle in a violent burst similar to a geyser eruption. A densely revolving torrent resembling a spinning narwhal tusk rises high into the air, as a mass of water forms along the torrent shaping into a giant bubble around the spiral's apex. Void energy courses through the water construct, enveloping the liquid drill that impales enemies helplessly upon itself.
      • When the cyclone bursts, the water within splashes outward and forms into scores of bubbles that evaporate away, while the torrent retreats into the dissolving puddle.

    Tips & Tricks
  • Riptide can be used to 'safely' pull enemies into the middle of HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid's Mod TT 20px.png Pilfering Swarm or KhoraIcon272.png Khora's Mod TT 20px.png Pilfering Strangledome before exploding in a deadly fashion, ensuring the added drop chance upon enemies' deaths.

  • Bugs
  • Riptide can be blocked from casting over the distance if VoltIcon272.png Volt's ElectricShield130xDark.png Electric Shield, GaraIcon272.png Gara's MassVitrify130xDark.png Mass Vitrify, or FrostIcon272.png Frost's SnowGlobe130xDark.png Snow Globe, lies between Yareli and the intended casting point.

  • Expand/Collapse

    Strength Mods


    Duration Mods


    Range Mods


    SeaSnares130xWhite.png SeaSnares130xWhite.png SeaSnares130xWhite.png
    Aquablades130xWhite.png Aquablades130xWhite.png
    Riptide130xWhite.png Riptide130xWhite.png

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    YareliIcon272.png Yareli can be equipped with the following items:



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    Patch History

    Hotfix 31.5.9 (2022-05-12)

    • Fixed Yareli being immune to some enemy AOE weapon attacks while she’s riding her Merulina.

    Hotfix 31.5.4 (2022-05-02)

    • Fixed losing the ability to cast any Warframe abilities for the rest of the mission after jumping onto Yareli’s Merulina when you jump into the Void Manifestation arena.

    Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

    • Fixed Yareli not being able to activate Infested Salvage vaporizer while riding Merulina.
    • Fixed the Surging Blades Augment allowing the use of regular weapons during Hildryn’s Aegis Storm when used on a Helminth-infused Hildryn.
      • Also fixed with the following abilities when they were deactivated normally (e.g. when duration runs out):
        • Yareli's Aquablades
    • Fixed weapons being unreachable after being disarmed by a Drahk Master upon casting Yareli’s Riptide while being disarmed.
    • Fixed Quick Thinking damage ejecting players from Yareli’s Merulina.
      • This also fixes getting kicked off other vehicles when you are at 2hp and take any damage (even shield only) despite having Quick Thinking equipped.
    • Fixed sprint (when toggle sprint is enabled) getting canceled after using the following Warframe abilities:
      • Yareli’s Merulina
    • Fixed loss of functionality for several seconds after being knocked off Yareli’s Merulina by an enemy grab or knockdown ability.
    • Fixed Yareli not getting XP for ability casts when riding Merulina.

    Hotfix 31.1.3 (2022-02-15)

    • Fixed several functionality issues with Yareli while riding Merulina in the Mastery Rank 14 test, notably being unable to shoot or ride Merulina anymore.

    Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)

    • Augment: Aquablades - Mod TT 20px.png Surging Blades
    • Fixed inability to hit ragdolling enemies with Yareli’s Aquablades.
    • Fixed Yareli's bubbles’ FX being overly bright.

    Update 31 (2021-12-15)

    • Fixed Yareli being able to enter Orphix fields by riding into it on Merulina.
    • Fixed the Vacuum-type mods (either Sentinel or Companion based) not working all the time if Clients playing Yareli are riding Merulina.

    Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

    • Changed Limbo’s Rift status for vehicles (K-Drive, Yareli’s Merulina, etc):
      • On mount, the vehicle inherits the rider's Rift state.
      • If the rider's Rift state changes while riding, the vehicle’s will change to match.
      • If the vehicle's Rift state changes, the rider's will change to match.
    • Fixed Mutalist Ospreys, Napalms, and likely other enemies not being able to damage/inflict Status Effects on Yareli while on Merulina.
      • This also fixes missing HUD FX when a Status Proc is afflicted while on a vehicle.
    • Fixed inability to pick up Index Points while riding on Yareli’s Merulina.
    • Fixed inability to pick up the Isolation Vault Bait while riding on Yareli’s Merulina.
    • Fixed the UI prompt for Railjack Tactical Menu and Omni disappearing after a player casts Merulina as Yareli with a controller.
    • Fixed getting stuck in parts of the data vaults in Corpus Spy missions while riding Yareli’s Merulina.
    • Fixed Tenet Diplos lock-on ability not working for the Client players when using a Vehicle (Merulina, K-Drive, etc). As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1270984-tenet-diplos-lock-on-not-working-on-k-drive/
    • Fixed incorrect translation for the Yareli Physalia Helmet in Traditional Chinese.

    Hotfix 30.7.6 (2021-09-23)

    • Fixed an issue that could allow Primary Weapon use on Merulina.

    Hotfix 30.7.2 (2021-09-09)

    • Added the ability for Yareli to perform Merulina’s new Dashing movement when using a Controller (default: tap LB).
      • Crouch/Slide/Roll binding on LB
        • Hold = grind/twist
        • Tap = dash
      • Sprint/Roll on LB
        • Hold = Sprint
        • Tap = dash

    Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)


    Yareli improvements are here, Tenno!

    We have 2 areas that are being buffed: Stats, and Utility. While many Tenno have hoped for more Stat buffs (which we have here!), the Utility Buffs are really something to behold for the usability or Merulina. We are introducing a foundational change to her movement: Merulina Dashing (tap Roll/Dash)! This can be executed in any direction and is effectively a new way to close gaps (or quickly retreat!) and alter the direction of Yareli aboard Merulina! This also enhances the way you can traverse vertically with responsive directional input while in the air. We’ve made a handy .gif to demonstrate just what we mean:

    Behold in .gif form: https://gfycat.com/impeccablenecessaryblacknorwegianelkhound

    What you see in this .gif is a vertical traversal that’s currently tough to do with Yareli. However, with the forward dash the momentum movement now allows for directional maneuvering.

    Then, we see Yareli Dash both Forward AND Back in the .gif, showing how you can certainly take advantage of this new movement tool!

    This is a change that’s best experienced in your hands, but it is certainly a huge improvement for navigating all of Warframes tilesets!

    We have also made some changes to general Merulina movement by allowing for shorter jumps, and reducing overall jump charge time.

    Yareli Stat Changes:

    We’ve made some Stat changes to Yareli’s abilities as well. These are buffs across the board, and details are as follows:

    Sea Snares:

    • Increase seek speed by about 60% and slightly increase bubble visibility to better register your casts.


    • Increase range by just about 25%
    • Increase damage and duration by 50%


    Bigger is better. The bigger we Rip, the more enemies, the better scaling, and so on!

    • Increase radius by 25%

    Yareli Fixes:

    • Fixed the Financial Stress debuff not being removed after Yareli scores in The Index while riding Merulina.
    • Fixed inability to use a Cipher while riding Merulina.
    • Fixed Yareli’s Passive bonus to Pistol Critical Chance not applying to Clients.
    • Fixed shared Affinity not being attributed to player weapons while riding Merulina as Yareli.
    • Fixed numerous AoE enemy attacks not affecting Yareli when riding Merulina.
    • Fixed missing weapon rank UI when switching to Merulina with Primary weapon equipped.
    • Fixed picking up Rifle Ammo for an empty Primary while riding Merulina equipping said Primary weapon.
    • Fixed missing End of Mission stats if enemies are killed with Yareli’s Abilities while riding Merulina.
    • Fixed an issue where Yareli players boarding Merulina would have their flashlight color (activated when in dark areas like caves) permanently adopt Yareli’s first energy color.
    • Fixed a script error that occurs when completing a Mastery Rank test while riding Yareli’s Merulina.

    Hotfix 30.6.1 (2021-08-10)

    • Fixed breaking their K-Drive and weapon functionality by spamming Transference and Yareli’s Merulina while trying to mount.
    • Fixed inability to pick up universal Ammo (Lavo’s Transmutation Probe, Protea’s Dispensary, etc) when Yareli is on Merulina.

    Hotfix 30.5.5 (2021-07-29)

    • You can now use Transference while on a K-Drive or when Yareli is using Merulina.
      • Worth noting that this doesn’t allow Operators to use K-Drives… :(.
    • Fixed numerous abilities not functioning while Yareli is on Merulina.
      • Ash Smoke Shadow Augment
      • Baruuk Desolate Hands
      • Ivara Cloak Arrow
      • Mesa Shooting Gallery
      • Oberon Hallowed Ground
      • Octavia Metronome
      • Protea Shield grenades
      • Titania Tribute
      • Wisp Reservoirs

    Hotfix 30.5.4 (2021-07-17)

    • Updated Yareli’s Sea Snares description to include the increase of 5 water globules.
    • Fixed Grineer Arc Traps not dealing damage when Yareli is on Merulina.
    • Fixed Mods or Energy pickups being Vacuumed not being picked up if Yareli’s Merulina was cast at a precise moment.
    • Fixed inability to start a K-Drive race while on Yareli’s Merulina.
    • Fixed Yareli getting knocked off Merulina even when Primed Sure Footed is equipped.

    Hotfix 30.5.3 (2021-07-09)

    • Fixed excessive camera shake while on Yareli’s Merulina.
    • Fixed Buff and Energy not resetting upon entering a Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit when Yareli is riding Merulina.
    • Fixed the Synth Mod Set bonus not functioning while on a K-Drive/Merulina.
    • Fixed Yareli Clients not receiving her Passive buff after changing Primary weapons in the Simulacrum's Arsenal.

    Hotfix 30.5.2 (2021-07-07)

    Yareli Changes:

    Time for some Yareli Buffs! Your feedback has been heard and implemented in the way of buffs to Yarelis kit.


    • Doubled Critical Chance amount from 100% to 200%.

    Sea Snares:

    • Increased the number of Sea Snares created per ability cast to 5 (you can still have 15 maximum at once)
    • Changed Damage type to Cold.
    • Sea Snares deal damage-over-time to enemies caught within - we’ve upped the Damage Increase per second from 80 to 125.


    • Doubled the base Damage from 250 to 500.
    • Increased Duration to 30 seconds.


    • Changed Damage type to Cold (from Blast).
    • Doubled the Damage Scaling per enemy caught within Riptide from 25% to 50%.
    • Reduced impulse on enemies after Riptide explodes so they don’t get thrown as far away.
    • Fixed Radar effects (Enemy Radar, Loot Radar, etc) not working while you are riding a K-Drive/Merulina.
    • Fixed Host player being able to pop Client Yareli Sea Snare bubbles and vice versa.
    • Fixed having bound Activate Power to another button resulting in an inability to use said bound button to cast Abilities while you’re riding Merulina as Yareli.

    Hotfix 30.5.1 (2021-07-06)

    • Increased Yareli’s Armor to 100 from 65.
    • Fixed some tint coloring on Yareli’s body.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Yareli’s Riptide.

    Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

    • Introduced.

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