Release Date: Xaku is slated for release in Update 29: Heart of Deimos, on August 25th.

Of the Void ethereal, yet coalesced into corporeal shape, the fractured anomaly Xaku exists as an entity thrice entwined. Fused from the shattered remnants of three warriors, they bridge reality to the horrors from beyond the fold.


  • Xaku is the 44th unique Warframe to be released.
  • Xaku is the second community-designed Warframe after NovaIcon272 Nova. Their theme selected from the chosen entries is "Broken Warframe", suggested by forum community member eaterofstorms.
    • Xaku's abilities were selected from multiple suggestions by hundreds of community members in the Open Call forum threads.
    • Community artists involved with the design of Xaku and their accessories include: Eornheit (Warframe concept art), Faven (alternate helmet), Kedemel (signature weapon), and Karu (signature Syandana).
  • Because Xaku is an amalgamation of three different Warframes they are the first Warframe to not have a distinct sex, being addressed by DE as "they/them".[1]
  • Xaku's idle, dodge, and ability animations involve the fragmentation of their body parts and exposure of the Void skeletal structure beneath.
    • Xaku's custom dodge performs a dash similar to HildrynIcon272 Hildryn, animated with the broken pieces coming apart and reattaching onto Xaku's energized skeletal form.
    • Xaku's model becomes fully skeletal in appearance while The Vast Untime is activated.
  • Xaku's ability names relate to three Requiem Mods: Xata, Lohk, and Ris.
    • The Lost uses words from Ris' description for its sub-abilities Gaze, Deny, and Accuse.


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