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  • Passive - Xaku has a chance to avoid a source of incoming damage.
  • Xata's Whisper - Xaku infuses their primary, secondary, and melee weapons with potent Void energy, granting themselves a VoidTearIcon b Void damage bonus for a duration.
    • Has ability synergies with Xaku's other abilities.
    • On cast, Xaku's right shoulder and arm pieces visually detach then return to position. While active, Infested grey matter envelops their entire body as the Void veins pulse and glow with energy, while surrounded by a Void energy cloud near the torso.
  • Grasp of Lohk - Xaku tears open a Void breach in front of them, summoning a mass of grasping tendrils to lash out at nearby enemies. Up to a limited number of enemies struck by the breach are disarmed, with their weapons stolen and transformed into Void replicas that hover and follow Xaku. Void replicas last for a short duration, during which they automatically fire at nearby enemies to inflict damage based on the source enemies' levels. If cast on a weaponless or disarmed enemy, a Void entity orb orbits Xaku instead, which adopts the stats from Xaku's currently equipped weapon to inflict damage to the nearest enemies.
    • On cast, Xaku's chest, shoulder, arm, and thigh pieces visually detach then return to position. A vertically splitting Void breach appears directly in front of Xaku, as Void tendrils reach out in multiple directions, then retreat back into the quickly closing breach. Stolen weapons appear phased into the Void, hovering on the left side of Xaku and rotating themselves to face nearby enemies. Void entity orb resembles a dark sphere with swirling Void energy torrents encircling it.
  • The Lost - Xaku can selectively cast one of three abilities originating from the three fallen Warframes, by cycling the selection wheel between the Gaze, Deny, and Accuse sub-abilities.
    • Gaze - Xaku screams at an enemy target to summon Void tendrils to entangle it for a duration. The victim is held captive in stasis and emits a defense reduction aura that weakens enemy Shields and Armor while within range.
      • Xaku's head, face, chest, shoulder and arm pieces visually detach, as Xaku screams into the air above while blob-like substances fly out from their torso. The enemy target is frozen in place as it becomes entangled in a mass of rapidly growing Void tendrils; while affected, the enemy target emits a radial aura visual effect.
    • Deny - Xaku unleashes a shockwave of pure Void energy toward the aiming reticle that inflicts damage on enemies crossing its path. Enemies that survive are hindered by a crowd control effect.
      • Xaku's shoulder and arm pieces visually shiver then detach to hover above Xaku, as a beam of Void energy travels forward from Xaku's left hand, after which the pieces return to their positions.
    • Accuse - Xaku breaches into the Void, opening a short-lived fissure at the targeted location on the aiming reticle. Enemies within its radius are afflicted with Corruption for a duration, causing them to turn on their former allies.
      • Xaku's shoulder and arm pieces visually detach and return to position, as Xaku reaches out with their right hand sending the right side pieces into the Void fissure forming at the targeted location. As the Void fissure forms, the ability's area radius becomes briefly visible then fades with the breach's closing, while Xaku's pieces return to their positions on their body. Enemies affected by Corruption glow with an upward stream of Void energy.
  • The Vast Untime - Devastate the surrounding area as Xaku detonates themselves, fragmenting all of their body parts outward to inflict damage, VoidTearIcon b Void damage type vulnerability debuff, and slowed movement to all enemies in range for a duration. Xaku exposes their skeletal form after detonation, granting themselves a 75% Damage Reduction bonus against incoming enemy attacks, an evasion bonus, and a movement speed bonus. Press the ability key again to reform Xaku's body parts, ending the bonuses in the process.
    • Xaku may still fight with their weapons and perform parkour Maneuvers while in skeletal form.
    • Xaku crouches in place, visually detaching their body pieces and suspending them in the air with Void energy tethers. Xaku then reels back, surging into the air, while most of their pieces scatter outward in an expanding Void energy blast. Xaku's skeletal form retains some body pieces for bare minimal structural support. Reforming the body pieces on Xaku causes them to quickly regrow on the skeleton.

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