Wraith weapons are a special variant of existing weapons only given out as rewards from various limited-time Events and Tactical Alerts. Wraith weapons feature a shiny dark-blue paint scheme with patterns of red bars and lines, and have improved stats over the original weapons. While any weapon is eligible for Wraith treatment, currently known Wraith weapons are derived from Grineer and Tenno designs.

Wraith Weapons

Weapon Name Reward From
Strun Wraith Survival Weekend Event
Den of the Kubrow Tactical Alert
Parts and Blueprint awarded from Sortie missions
Machete Wraith The Gradivus Dilemma Event (Grineer Victory)

Baro Ki'Teer Trade

Wraith Twin Vipers The Cicero Crisis Event
The Proxy Rebellion Bonus WeekendParts and Blueprint awarded from Sortie missions
Gorgon Wraith Tethra's Doom Event
Infested Nightmares Bonus Weekend
Latron Wraith Operation Cryotic Front Event
Parts and blueprint awarded from Sortie Season 8
Karak Wraith Operation: Tubemen of Regor Event (Alad V Victory)

Parts and Blueprint awarded from Sortie missions

Vulkar Wraith Operation: Shadow Debt
Furax Wraith Operation: Rathuum


While the following is technically not known as a Wraith item, it shares the same properties as Wraith items:

Item Name Reward From
Rakta Syandana Specters Of Liberty Event
The Grineer Invasion (Gift from the Lotus)


  • The color schemes on Wraith weapons are fixed and cannot be changed via the Arsenal's Appearance tab, with the exception of the weapon's energy color.

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