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*[[Bounties]] (<code>"CetusSyndicate"</code>, <code>"QuillsSyndicate"</code>, <code>"SolarisSyndicate"</code>, <code>"VoxSyndicate"</code>, and <code>"EntratiSyndicate"</code>)
*[[Bounties]] (<code>"CetusSyndicate"</code>, <code>"QuillsSyndicate"</code>, <code>"SolarisSyndicate"</code>, <code>"VoxSyndicate"</code>, and <code>"EntratiSyndicate"</code>)
*[[Baro Ki'Teer]]'s next visit (<code>"VoidTraders"</code>)
*[[Baro Ki'Teer]]'s next visit (<code>"VoidTraders"</code>)
*[[Murex|Sentient Anomaly]] location (<code>"Tmp"</code>, see below table for reference)
{| class="wikitable"
! # !! [[Veil Proxima]]'s Node
| 505 || Ruse War Field
| 510 || Gian Point
| 550 || Nsu Grid
| 551 || Ganalen's Grave
| 552 || Rya
| 553 || Flexa
| 554 || H-2 Cloud
| 555 || R-9 Cloud
*Featured items on the [[Market]] (<code>"FlashSales"</code>)
*Featured items on the [[Market]] (<code>"FlashSales"</code>)
*[[Darvo]] daily deal (<code>"DailyDeals"</code>)
*[[Darvo]] daily deal (<code>"DailyDeals"</code>)

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Digital Extremes exposes WARFRAME's world state data through their website for third-party use and internal use (e.g. Warframe Nexus), which is automatically generated from the game's internal data.

The JSON-formatted data can be found on the following websites:


World state data includes the following and their associated internal names:

  • Nightwave challenges ("SeasonInfo")
  • Sortie info ("Sorties")
  • Invasions ("Invasions", "GrineerInvasionGeneric", "CorpusInvasionGeneric", "InfestedInvasionGeneric", and "InfestedInvasionBoss")
  • Void Fissures ("ActiveMissions")
    • Lith ("VoidT1"), Meso ("VoidT2"), Neo ("VoidT3"), Axi ("VoidT4"), and Requiem ("VoidT5")
  • Syndicate alerts ("SyndicateMissions", "SteelMeridianSyndicate", "CephalonSudaSyndicate", "PerrinSyndicate", "ArbitersSyndicate", "RedVeilSyndicate", "NewLokaSyndicate")
  • Reoccurring events: Ghoul Purge, Thermia Fractures ("HeatFissure"), Razorback Armada ("CorpusRazorbackProject"), Fomorian Sabotage ("Fomorian")
  • Construction Status for Fomorian Sabotage and Razorback Armada ("ProjectPct")
  • Ongoing event ("Goals")
  • Bounties ("CetusSyndicate", "QuillsSyndicate", "SolarisSyndicate", "VoxSyndicate", and "EntratiSyndicate")
  • Baro Ki'Teer's next visit ("VoidTraders")
  • Sentient Anomaly location ("Tmp", see below table for reference)
# Veil Proxima's Node
505 Ruse War Field
510 Gian Point
550 Nsu Grid
551 Ganalen's Grave
552 Rya
553 Flexa
554 H-2 Cloud
555 R-9 Cloud
  • Featured items on the Market ("FlashSales")
  • Darvo daily deal ("DailyDeals")
  • Featured Clan Dojos ("FeaturedGuilds")
  • Conclave challenges ("PVPChallengeInstances")
  • News messages ("Events")
  • Latest version date ("BuildLabel")
  • Current date in Unix time ("Time")

Data Mapping


For "Region" property
Region # Region
1 Mercury
2 Venus
3 Earth
4 Mars
5 Jupiter
6 Saturn
7 Uranus
8 Neptune
9 Pluto
10 Ceres
11 Eris
12 Sedna
13 Europa
14 N/A
15 Void
16 Phobos
17 N/A
18 N/A
19 Kuva Fortress


For "MissionType" property
Internal Name Mission Type
MT_ARENA Rathuum
MT_ARTIFACT Disruption
MT_EXCAVATE Excavation
MT_HIVE Hive Sabotage
MT_PVP Conclave
MT_SECTOR Dark Sector
MT_TERRITORY Interception


Note that missing node numbers are unused.

For Node and Nodes properties
Internal Name Node Name, Region
MercuryHUB Larunda Relay, Mercury
VenusHUB Vesper Relay, Venus
EarthHUB Strata Relay, Earth
SaturnHUB Kronia Relay, Saturn
ErisHUB Kuiper Relay, Eris
EuropaHUB Leonov Relay, Europa
PlutoHUB Orcus Relay, Pluto
ClanNode0 Romula, Venus
ClanNode1 Malva, Venus
ClanNode2 Coba, Earth
ClanNode3 Tikal, Earth
ClanNode4 Sinai, Jupiter
ClanNode5 Cameria, Jupiter
ClanNode6 Larzac, Europa
ClanNode7 Cholistan, Europa
ClanNode8 Kadesh, Mars
ClanNode9 Wahiba, Mars
ClanNode10 Memphis, Phobos
ClanNode11 Zeugma, Phobos
ClanNode12 Caracol, Saturn
ClanNode13 Piscinas, Saturn
ClanNode14 Amarna, Sedna
ClanNode15 Sangeru, Sedna
ClanNode16 Ur, Uranus
ClanNode17 Assur, Uranus
ClanNode18 Akkad, Eris
ClanNode19 Zabala, Eris
ClanNode20 Yursa, Neptune
ClanNode21 Kelashin, Neptune
ClanNode22 Seimeni, Ceres
ClanNode23 Gabii, Ceres
ClanNode24 Sechura, Pluto
ClanNode25 Hieracon, Pluto
SettlementNode1 Roche, Phobos
SettlementNode2 Skyresh, Phobos
SettlementNode3 Stickney, Phobos
SettlementNode10 Kepler, Phobos
SettlementNode11 Gulliver, Phobos
SettlementNode12 Monolith, Phobos
SettlementNode14 Shklovsky, Phobos
SettlementNode15 Sharpless, Phobos
SettlementNode20 Iliad, Phobos
SolNode1 Galatea, Neptune
SolNode2 Aphrodite, Venus
SolNode4 Acheron, Pluto
SolNode6 Despina, Neptune
SolNode9 Rosalind, Uranus
SolNode10 Thebe, Jupiter
SolNode11 Tharsis, Mars
SolNode12 Elion, Mercury
SolNode14 Ultor, Mars
SolNode15 Pacific, Earth
SolNode16 Augustus, Mars
SolNode17 Psamathe, Neptune
SolNode18 Rhea, Saturn
SolNode19 Enceladus, Saturn
SolNode20 Telesto, Saturn
SolNode21 Narcissus, Pluto
SolNode22 Tessera, Venus
SolNode23 Cytherean, Venus
SolNode24 Oro, Earth
SolNode25 Callisto, Jupiter
SolNode26 Lith, Earth
SolNode27 E Prime, Earth
SolNode28 M Prime, Mercury
SolNode30 Olympus, Mars
SolNode31 Anthe, Saturn
SolNode32 Tethys, Saturn
SolNode33 Ariel, Uranus
SolNode34 Sycorax, Uranus
SolNode36 Martialis, Mars
SolNode38 Minthe, Pluto
SolNode39 Everest, Earth
SolNode41 Arval, Mars
SolNode42 Helene, Saturn
SolNode43 Cerberus, Pluto
SolNode45 Ara, Mars
SolNode46 Spear, Mars
SolNode48 Regna, Pluto
SolNode49 Larissa, Neptune
SolNode50 Numa, Saturn
SolNode51 Hades, Pluto
SolNode53 Themisto, Jupiter
SolNode56 Cypress, Pluto
SolNode57 Sao, Neptune
SolNode58 Hellas, Mars
SolNode59 Eurasia, Earth
SolNode60 Caliban, Uranus
SolNode61 Ishtar, Venus
SolNode62 Neso, Neptune
SolNode63 Mantle, Earth
SolNode64 Umbriel, Uranus
SolNode65 Gradivus, Mars
SolNode66 Unda, Venus
SolNode67 Dione, Saturn
SolNode68 Vallis, Mars
SolNode69 Ophelia, Uranus
SolNode70 Cassini, Saturn
SolNode71 Vesper, Venus
SolNode72 Outer Terminus, Pluto
SolNode73 Ananke, Jupiter
SolNode74 Carme, Jupiter
SolNode75 Cervantes, Earth
SolNode76 Hydra, Pluto
SolNode78 Triton, Neptune
SolNode79 Cambria, Earth
SolNode81 Palus, Pluto
SolNode82 Calypso, Saturn
SolNode83 Cressida, Uranus
SolNode84 Nereid, Neptune
SolNode85 Gaia, Earth
SolNode87 Ganymede, Jupiter
SolNode88 Adrastea, Jupiter
SolNode89 Mariana, Earth
SolNode93 Keeler, Saturn
SolNode94 Apollodorus, Mercury
SolNode96 Titan, Saturn
SolNode97 Amalthea, Jupiter
SolNode98 Desdemona, Uranus
SolNode99 War, Mars
SolNode100 Elara, Jupiter
SolNode101 Kiliken, Venus
SolNode102 Oceanum, Pluto
SolNode103 Terminus, Mercury
SolNode104 Fossa, Venus
SolNode105 Titania, Uranus
SolNode106 Alator, Mars
SolNode107 Venera, Venus
SolNode108 Tolstoj, Mercury
SolNode109 Linea, Venus
SolNode113 Ares, Mars
SolNode114 Puck, Uranus
SolNode118 Laomedeia, Neptune
SolNode119 Caloris, Mars
SolNode121 Carpo, Jupiter
SolNode122 Stephano, Uranus
SolNode123 V Prime, Venus
SolNode125 Io, Jupiter
SolNode126 Metis, Jupiter
SolNode127 Psamathe, Neptune
SolNode128 E Gate, Venus
SolNode129 Orb Vallis, Venus
SolNode130 Lares, Mercury
SolNode131 Pallas, Ceres
SolNode132 Bode, Ceres
SolNode135 Thon, Ceres
SolNode137 Nuovo, Ceres
SolNode138 Ludi, Ceres
SolNode139 Lex, Ceres
SolNode140 Kiste, Ceres
SolNode141 Ker, Ceres
SolNode144 Exta, Ceres
SolNode146 Draco, Ceres
SolNode147 Cinxia, Ceres
SolNode149 Casta, Ceres
SolNode153 Brugia, Eris
SolNode162 Isos, Eris
SolNode164 Kala-azar, Eris
SolNode165 Sporid, Eris
SolNode166 Nimus, Eris
SolNode167 Oestrus, Eris
SolNode171 Saxis, Eris
SolNode172 Xini, Eris
SolNode172 Solium, Eris
SolNode175 Naeglar, Sedna
SolNode177 Kappa, Sedna
SolNode181 Adaro, Sedna
SolNode183 Vodyanoi, Sedna
SolNode184 Rusalka, Sedna
SolNode185 Berehynia, Sedna
SolNode186 Phithale, Sedna
SolNode187 Selkie, Sedna
SolNode188 Kelpie, Sedna
SolNode189 Naga, Sedna
SolNode190 Nakki, Sedna
SolNode191 Marid, Sedna
SolNode192 Tikoloshe, Sedna
SolNode193 Merrow, Sedna
SolNode195 Hydron, Sedna
SolNode196 Charybdis, Sedna
SolNode199 Yam, Sedna
SolNode203 Abaddon, Europa
SolNode204 Armaros, Europa
SolNode205 Baal, Europa
SolNode209 Morax, Europa
SolNode210 Naamah, Europa
SolNode211 Ose, Europa
SolNode212 Paimon, Europa
SolNode214 Sorath, Europa
SolNode215 Valac, Europa
SolNode216 Valefor, Europa
SolNode217 Orias, Europa
SolNode220 Kokabiel, Europa
SolNode223 Boethius, Mercury
SolNode224 Odin, Mercury
SolNode225 Suisei, Mercury
SolNode226 Pantheon, Mercury
SolNode228 Plains of Eidolon, Earth
SolNode300 Plato, Lua
SolNode301 Grimaldi, Lua
SolNode302 Tycho, Lua
SolNode304 Copernicus, Lua
SolNode305 Stöfler, Lua
SolNode306 Pavlov, Lua
SolNode307 Zeipel, Lua
SolNode308 Apollo, Lua
SolNode400 Teshub, Void
SolNode401 Hepit, Void
SolNode402 Taranis, Void
SolNode403 Tiwaz, Void
SolNode404 Stribog, Void
SolNode405 Ani, Void
SolNode406 Ukko, Void
SolNode407 Oxomoco, Void
SolNode408 Belenus, Void
SolNode409 Mot, Void
SolNode410 Aten, Void
SolNode412 Mithra, Void
SolNode707 Hyf, Deimos
SolNode711 Terrorren, Deimos
SolNode712 Magnacidium, Deimos
SolNode740 The Ropalolyst, Jupiter
SolNode741 Koro, Kuva Fortress
SolNode742 Nabuk, Kuva Fortress
SolNode743 Rotuma, Kuva Fortress
SolNode744 Taveuni, Kuva Fortress
SolNode745 Tamu, Kuva Fortress
SolNode746 Dakata, Kuva Fortress
SolNode747 Pago, Kuva Fortress
SolNode748 Garus, Kuva Fortress
SolNode902 Montes, Venus
SolNode903 Erpo, Earth
SolNode904 Syrtis, Mars
SolNode905 Galilea, Jupiter
SolNode906 Pandora, Saturn
SolNode907 Caelus, Uranus
SolNode908 Salacia, Neptune


For "modifierType"
Internal Name Modifier Name
SORTIE_MODIFIER_IMPACT Enemy Physical Enhancement: Impact b.svg Impact
SORTIE_MODIFIER_SLASH Enemy Physical Enhancement: Slash b.svg Slash
SORTIE_MODIFIER_PUNCTURE Enemy Physical Enhancement: Puncture b.svg Puncture
SORTIE_MODIFIER_MAGNETIC Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Magnetic b.png Magnetic
SORTIE_MODIFIER_CORROSIVE Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Corrosive b.png Corrosive
SORTIE_MODIFIER_VIRAL Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Viral b.png Viral
SORTIE_MODIFIER_ELECTRICITY Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Electricity b.png Electricity
SORTIE_MODIFIER_RADIATION Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Radiation b.png Radiation
SORTIE_MODIFIER_GAS Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Gas b.png Gas
SORTIE_MODIFIER_FIRE Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Heat b.png Heat
SORTIE_MODIFIER_EXPLOSION Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Blast b.png Blast
SORTIE_MODIFIER_FREEZE Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Cold b.png Cold
SORTIE_MODIFIER_TOXIN Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Toxin b.png Toxin
SORTIE_MODIFIER_POISON Enemy Elemental Enhancement: Toxin b.png Toxin
SORTIE_MODIFIER_HAZARD_RADIATION Environmental Hazard: Radiation Pockets
SORTIE_MODIFIER_HAZARD_MAGNETIC Environmental Hazard: Electromagnetic Anomalies
SORTIE_MODIFIER_HAZARD_FOG Environmental Hazard: Dense Fog
SORTIE_MODIFIER_HAZARD_FIRE Environmental Hazard: Fire
SORTIE_MODIFIER_HAZARD_ICE Environmental Effect: Cryogenic Leakage
SORTIE_MODIFIER_HAZARD_COLD Environmental Effect: Extreme Cold
SORTIE_MODIFIER_SECONDARY_ONLY Weapon Restriction: Pistol Only
SORTIE_MODIFIER_SHOTGUN_ONLY Weapon Restriction: Shotgun Only
SORTIE_MODIFIER_SNIPER_ONLY Weapon Restriction: Sniper Only
SORTIE_MODIFIER_RIFLE_ONLY Weapon Restriction: Assault Rifle Only
SORTIE_MODIFIER_MELEE_ONLY Weapon Restriction: Melee Only
SORTIE_MODIFIER_BOW_ONLY Weapon Restriction: Bow Only


For "LanguageCode"
Code Language
de German
en English
es Spanish
fr French
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
ru Russian
tc Chinese (Traditional)
tr Turkish
zh Chinese (Simplified)


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