Invisible in the air and swift on the ground, she moves like the wind. This is Wisp. Summoner of the ethereal.

Her grace is only balanced by her destruction. Do not get lost in its wake, Tenno.

Release Date: Scheduled for the fourth week of May

Eerie. Elusive. Enigmatic. Haunting the spatial crossroads between dimensional doorways, the ethereal enchantress Wisp summons strange apparitions from beyond the breach. Sever her soul to escape death, steal the sight from enemy eyes, and vaporize all before the blaze of our celestial light.


  • Wisp was mentioned in Devstream 115 along with 2 other unnamed Warframes.
  • Wisp was mentioned again in Devstream 122 along with HildrynIcon272 Hildryn.
  • Wisp is the first Warframe design with no feet on her model; she floats above ground constantly, leaning to the direction of movement or staying floating upright when stationary.
  • Wisp will be the first Warframe to have a completely unique walking and sprinting animation, as mentioned by Geoff in Devstream 123
  • Wisp's abilities and animations were debuted in Devstream 126
  • Wisp's theme may be based around Will-o'-Wisps, otherworldly apparitions mentioned in varying folklore. They are most commonly described as a fiery light that would distract and lure unwary travelers off paths to their demise.